Status Russians do not pay their fines

A list of VIP debtors who are being sought by bailiffs has been published.
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Secret service officers, relatives of presidential administration employees, billionaires and even Orthodox priests are in no hurry to pay the bills, for which they are being sought by bailiffs. Journalists got acquainted with the list of elite debtors and found out: very famous people who obviously are not among the poor do not want to part with money.

Bailiffs against the Chekists

Among those who got under enforcement due to non-payment of fines by the traffic police or other debts - 1 thousand 254 active and former employees of the FSB, SVR and GRU, found the Center "Dossier".

“Among the“ reckless ”in uniform having fines of the traffic police, 66 residents from the departmental building of the SVR on Anokhin Street, including adviser to the director of the SVR, General Dmitry Fadeev and 136“ jackets ”from high-rise buildings on Udaltsova and Profsoyuznaya streets. For the policeman, 76 b registered at the GRU headquarters on Khoroshevskoye Shosse, 57 officers violated traffic rules and another 36 from the GRU departmental house on Grizodubova Street received notifications from the bailiffs, ”the publication said.

Among the debtors you can see even the notorious Anatoly Chepigu (Boshirov) and Alexander Mishkin (Petrov) infamous thanks to the “Skripals case”: the first has two fines for violating traffic rules in the amount of three thousand rubles, and the second has violated traffic rules six times, having accumulated a debt of 5.5 thousand rubles. At the time of publication, the debts had not yet been paid.

Among the non-payers there are other famous personalities. For example, the head of the FSB Directorate for Moscow and the Moscow Region, General Aleksey Dorofeev, did not pay the traffic police fine 500 rubles on time, for which enforcement proceedings were brought against him.

General Igor Medoev, the father of former Dorofeev’s assistant, Marat Medoev, who appeared in the story of the “Golunov case” and the “funeral mafia”, is still listed in the bailiff base due to three unpaid traffic police fines in the amount of four thousand rubles, although He has been living abroad for a long time.

Former FSB deputy director Vladimir Anisimov twice in his car Mercedes-Benz SL 400 (worth more than 7 million rubles) violated traffic rules, having received two fines. His sons Ruslan and Andrei, as follows from the publication, also have debts: the first of several thousand rubles due to six traffic police fines, and the second of 2.4 million rubles in enforcement proceedings. Andrey Anisimov owns a Porsche 911 Turbo S for 13 million rubles, and Ruslan owns a Ferrari 458 Italia worth from 13 million rubles.

Most of the fines were accumulated by the Chekist Yuri Schemerov - 30 fines of the traffic police in the amount of 43.5 thousand rubles. At present, Shchemerov works as Vice President of the Talina Group of Companies in Mordovia, although the bailiffs believe that he is registered in Lubyanka.

“Of the regional departments of the FSB, security officers from the Volgograd region grabbed the most“ fiscal ”fines: 48 enforcement proceedings amounting to 25 thousand rubles. The second place of the FSB Directorate in the Krasnodar Territory is nine production facilities (15 thousand 500 rubles), and the third - the Federal Aviation Special Forces Special Forces - seven production facilities (27 thousand 500 rubles), ”the journalists pointed out.

From billionaire to priest

Not only security officials ignore court decisions on payments. For example, Nikolai, the half-brother of the head of the presidential administration, Anton Vaino, appeared on the "black list" of bailiffs. He has two fines - one from the traffic police, and the other from the “other authority” - in the amount of three thousand rubles.

The youngest son of Vladimir Putin’s judo partner in judo, Boris Rotenberg, Boris Borisovich Rotenberg, has 18 unpaid fines totaling 14.5 thousand rubles. The brother of Boris Rotenberg Jr. Roman Rotenberg is the owner of Rolls-Royce Wraith (worth more than 28 million rubles) and Cadillac Escalade (5 million rubles), as well as the owner of a fine for violation of traffic rules for 500 rubles. Both brothers live, according to the FSSP, in a 4-room apartment in the residential complex "Pokrovsky Bereg" for 160 million rubles.

On the son of the head of "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov - Alexander Sergeyevich Chemezov - opened two enforcement proceedings for taxes and fees for a total amount of 195.7 thousand rubles. According to media reports, a young man with similar data spends most of his time abroad, although if there was a debt of more than 10 thousand rubles, he should have been forbidden to leave Russia.

Noted among the debtors and the son of the first marriage of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov - Nikolai Choles. According to Dossier, he is registered in an apartment on Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya Street with his 75-year-old grandmother and has accumulated 47.5 thousand rubles in debts for the apartment and utility bills. There is also a fine from the traffic police for a thousand rubles.

Presidential Envoy in the Northwestern Federal District, Alexander Gutsan from Nakhimov Street in St. Petersburg, owes the state 500 rubles (traffic police fine) and enforcement proceedings have been instituted against him.

Even clergymen were among the debtors. And also - for violation of traffic rules. Among them - 49 inhabitants of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, where, as journalists write, “high-ranking officials and security officials love to come and talk about spirituality”.