Steelmakers paid for VTB credits with their freedom

Managers of Red October plant have been arrested. 
Yesterday it became known about the detention and subsequent arrest managers of Volgograd metallurgical plant "Red October" and affiliated structures. They are accused of embezzlement of credit at more than $ 65 million, which was granted almost a decade ago by VTB. On the law enforcement action of the plant called almost an attempt to raider attacks, noting that managers came under suspicion at the time of the money did not have to venture in any way.

As the "Kommersant", the petition investigators Main Investigation Department (CSO) of the capital cupola MIA on the election arrangements for suspected embezzlement on a large scale (para. 4, Art. 160 of the Criminal Code) entered in the Tver court about six o'clock in the evening. And less than an hour later the decision was made to detain for up to June 5 of the first helper - Deputy General Director of CJSC "Trading House" Steel Works "Red October", "" Sergei Zatsepin. Behind him were to be considered such a request for the arrest of GUS two more persons involved in the investigation loud:one of the top managers of "Red October" by Alexander Fomenko and head of the company "Russpetsstal" Andrei Sidelnikov. However, at the time of preparation of material data on the outcomes of the meetings were not.

Needless criminal case was initiated mainly investigating the metropolitan Police Department on February 5 this year and concerns the credit history of 2007. Then Steel Plant - one of the largest enterprises in the Volgograd region, working in including the defense industry, VTB Bank Europe plc provided a loan of $ 80 million funds meant for working capital of the enterprise, which was then officially called the Joint-Stock Company "Volgograd Steel Works" Red October "." (VMZ). Company "Russpetsstal" in 2007-2009 carried out the powers of the sole executive body of the plant. In November 2009, on which we were in financial distress VSW observation procedure was introduced, and in 2012, the court officially recognized bankrupt. VSW equipment has been sold at auction, and based on it created a new company - JSC "Volgograd Steelombinat "Red October", "(WMC). The first CEO of WMC Dmitri Gerasimenko since October 2011 worked as executive director of VSW, and held senior positions in the company" Trading house "VSW" Red October "," "and CJSC" North " that in the year 2013-2014 was the largest creditor of VSW. Minority creditors VSW few years tried to challenge the transaction that led to the conclusion that the bankruptcy estate companies, however, prove that they could not.

According to investigators, no later than September 2009, "unidentified persons" from among the employees of JSC "Russpetsstal" committed embezzlement of 65.6 million obtained in 2007 as part of the loan VTB Bank Europe plc, by transferring the funds to the accounts of other legal entities. Two years later, at a general meeting of shareholders of the company was made illegal, according to investigators, the decision on alienation in favor of the Company of the assets of the plant worth around 2 billion rbl., That "led to reduction in the cost of shares in the pledge."

According to "Kommersant", the reason for initiating a criminal case was an appeal to the police representatives of VTB Group,in the course of its investigation of the bank, whose representatives yesterday declined to comment, it has been recognized by the injured party.

It should also be noted that almost simultaneously with the initiation of the criminal case in Moscow on WFC started prosecutor's check, its results were announced on April 4: Combine convicted of violating the terms of performance of the state defense order. Recall on such facts, "Kommersant" reported in October 2015, when the governor of the Volgograd region Andrey Bocharov asked the Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov to help install WMC owners. According to "Kommersant", in January 2016 in the Ministry of Industry under the leadership of Deputy Minister Sergei Tsyba held a meeting devoted entirely to the WFC, it was attended by the general director of the enterprise Valery Yavetsky, but information on the ultimate owners of plant and did not disclose. According to the latest official data, the IUD is owned JSC "Ort", but the company liquidated in April 2015. According to available sources of "Kommersant" reports, 100% of the shares owned by WMC Red October Ltd, registered in Lugano (Switzerland).

And after April 5thovateli supported by operatives of the FSB and police began a massive operation. The searches, seizure of documents and detention were carried out not only in the capital and Volgograd, but also in several other regions. According to some reports, in addition to the gentlemen Zatsepina, Fomenko and Sidelnikov, questions from law enforcement officers appeared to Mr. Yavetskomu, Executive Director of Basketball Club "Red October" Diana Tskhomelidze, general director of the club Catherine Pushkarskaya (another match of the club as part of VTB United League was postponed for an indefinite period) and several employees of the enterprise.

However, the sources of "b" in the GSU Research Affairs reported only three detainees, who were going to take custody. The rest of the helpers were released after interviews with investigators. In particular, it did so with Mr. Yavetskim, which was released about 16 hours on 7 April. The press service of the plant reported that he immediately assumed his duties. It should be noted that the work of Iron and Steel, despite the investigations, was not interrupted.

In WFC claimed that nearly all persons involved in the case did not have theakogo relation to the company in 2009, when he was supposedly is spoiled VTB loan. At the same time, the company issued a number of statements in defense of their top managers. In an open letter to the head of the President Administration Sergey Ivanov, and Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika signed by the leaders of the company middle managers, said that investigations may lead to the suspension of production, non-payment of wages and the dismissal of employees. At the same time, sources say "b" on the IUD are preparing to gather a significant number of signatures - only the factory employs about 6 thousand people.. However, this activity is not approved by all.

Chairman of the Public Movement "People -" Red October "- strength in unity" Sergey Dorokhov believes that supporters of the trade union of the plant management trying to manipulate public opinion and thus put pressure on the investigation. "Do not these speeches, stories about the desire to stop the plant - even if the investigation will understand and say who and what is wrong," - said Mr. Dorokhov.