Stepdaughter Chemezova passed Abramovich’s mansion for half a billion

The income of a relative of the head of Rostec can reach 24 million rubles a month.
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What connects billionaire Roman Abramovich and MGIMO teacher, fashion model Anastasia Ignatov, who is the stepdaughter of Rostec’s head Sergei Chemezov? A mansion in the center of Moscow worth 500 million rubles. Recently, a relative of Chemezov became the owner of expensive real estate, having received the mansion through an intermediary closely connected with her family.

Mansion in the center

A two-story building at ul. Solzhenitsyna 38 is owned by AIS Development. In early March, Anastasia Ignatova became the new owner of the company.

The area of ​​the mansion, which was transferred to her along with the legal entity, is more than a thousand square meters and only on rent (now it is 23 thousand rubles per "square") Ignatova can earn up to 24 million rubles per month.

At the same time, the cost of the building itself, according to its owners, is 500 million rubles - for that amount, AIS Development is ready to get rid of the mansion in the center of Moscow. The cadastral value of the building is 142 million rubles, notes the publication Baza.

Who gave Ignatova an old mansion? From the open data it can be seen that the director general of AIS Development is Elena Khudyakova. She is also the beneficiary of Transholding Real Estate, which in November 2018 received ownership of the mansion at 38 Solzhenitsyna Street, and then transferred it to AIS.

Grandmother and Abramovich

Khudyakova is called the business partner of Anastasia Ignatova’s grandmother Lyudmila Rukavishnikova, who is the mother-in-law of Rostec’s head Sergei Chemezov. Earlier, we reported on how Chemezova's mother-in-law received her own mansion of about a thousand square meters with a private pool in the territory of the Rostec sanatorium in Sochi. The mansion was registered to the KPK Holding company - the same Elena Khudyakova transferred this company to Rukavishnikova, receiving contracts from Rostekh in return.

In the case of the Moscow mansion of Anastasia Ignatova, Baza established an owner who managed the property until Khudyakova. It turned out to be the Cyprus company Protonius Investments, which, according to RBC, represents the interests of the world famous billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Baza managed to get through to Elena Khudyakova to find out under what conditions the oligarch gave her a two-story mansion, but she declined to comment.
Unprofitable medicine

Note that for Anastasia Ignatova, who is only 33 years old, this is not the first relationship with famous billionaires. In 2011, she became a partner of businessman Mikhail Prokhorov, receiving 50% in his company Creativemedcentre LLC, which provides diagnostic and treatment services. The CreativeMedical Center has become the Russian representative office of the Prokhorov Ramat Aviv medical center in Israel, which has been owned by him since 2003.

It is not known under what conditions then 24-year-old Anastasia Ignatova received a stake in the company, but it is known that her mother, Ekaterina Ignatova, also had business with Mikhail Prokhorov and could clap for her daughter.

However, Creativemedcentre turned out to be unviable, for three years it showed a loss of 58 million rubles and was liquidated. At the same time, Ignatova Jr. established her own LLC Rosmed Clinic, which was located in the premises of the Centraviamed clinic of Rostec and was liquidated almost at the same time as the Creativemedtsentr.

Beautiful life

Also for Anastasia Ignatova this is not the first mansion in the property. According to Baza, in 2017 she bought a villa on the Spanish coast in the closed village of SʼAgaro. A villa stylized as an old castle on a plot of 60 acres was discovered by OCCR reporters.

“Anastasia also starred for the Pirelli calendar, for which only the most famous photographers work and the best models and actresses are shot. In the 2017 edition, there were 14 famous actresses (including Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz, Kate Winslet) and Anastasia Ignatova. In Russia, Pirelli has a joint venture with Rostec, ”adds Baza.

We add that the family of Sergei Chemezov recently flashed real estate in Rublevka for a total of almost 4 billion rubles. Lyudmila Rukavishnikova, Ekaterina Ignatova, son of the head of Rostec Alexander Chemezov - everyone was noted on Rublevka, with the exception of Anastasia Ignatova.

However, not only relatives of Chemezov himself, but also families of his top managers can boast of mansions and estates at Rostec. For example, a billion rubles real estate was found at the young grandchildren of the head of Rosoboronexport, which is part of the Rostec Corporation.