Stockmann gets rid of stock on hand

Stockmann supermarket in the Nevsky Center shopping center sells out the stock on hand and will stop working intwo weeks.
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When the new store, it is not known in its place. Interruptions in sales promise to avoid. However, some brands have already disappeared from the shelves.

Finnish concern Stockmann, who declared at the end of November 2015 on the sale of its retail business in Russia, the Russian franchisee British Debenhams, stops its product direction. The current supply of the store have stopped, except for a small amount of dairy, bakery, fruits and vegetables. Now the supermarket sells the remains of grocery and non-food goods.

As reported by "" staff department store, a supermarket, "Stockmann" and Deli cafe in the "Nevsky Centre" on the ground floor will be closed until 31 January 2016, ie the deadline, which should be finalized the deal between the Finnish concern and Reviva Holdings Limited, the managing Debenhams.

All stocks that can not be eliminated by this time, will get a new owner, said in Stockmann. The Debenhams declined to comment on plans to complete the transaction.

Closer to the people?

Apparently, customers' Onokmanna ", at least for a time, have to look for a new place to purchase products.

According to brokers, Debenhams has no plans to develop their own product lines. "Premium food reteyl due to sanctions and the course does not feel very confident. It is therefore logical that Debenhams is not interesting, "- says the head of commercial real estate ARIN Ekaterina Lapina.

However, the information about who will take the vacant place, yet. According to the retailers surveyed "" is neither the former nor the new owner did not come out with a proposal for lease. «Stockmann had previously wanted to give all the site package. But we do not come. We are waiting when will offer independently. Location in the "Nevsky Centre" potentially interesting ", - said General Director of" ABC taste "Vladimir Sadovin.

According to the consultants said, as the St. Petersburg and Russian networks show great interest in location. "Given the lack of space in the center to accommodate the food supermarket in the" Nevsky Centre "- a golden», & ndash; says Ekaterina Lapina. Rental rate could reach 2000 - 2300 rubles. per sq. m per month.

The JLL sure that the most suitable candidate is the high-end segment of the network. "I think the new owner would prefer stores that offer as much as possible will be able to replace the" Stockmann ", - said the head of the branch in St. Petersburg Andrey Amosov.

In ARIN, on the contrary, they consider it more likely that the "Stockmann" waiting for democratization. "Given the economic situation in the country should not expect premium 1 - 2 years, and he himself Debenhams, is likely to be more democratic than the Stockmann», - says Ekaterina Lapina. We can not exclude even the arrival of Economy format. "The same," Dixie "and" Pyaterochka "is now very active, occupying premises of banks with high rents in the street reteyle and business centers, high-end. So I would not be surprised if this is one of them ", - the expert adds. The X5 Retail Group, developing "Pyaterochka" and GC "Dixie", the question "" the interest in this area was left without comment.