Stolen billions were attributed to Matvey Urin

Th Main Investigation Department of the MOI of Russia in Moscow ended the investigation against the infamous banker Matvey Urin.
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This time he was accused of the withdrawal of funds from the "Multibank" and the bank "Slavic" - a total of 1.3 billion rubles. Sam Urin said that the theft had no relationship: it is simply "write off" the crimes committed by others.

As reported by "Rosbalt" a law enforcement source, the final version of Matthew Urine charged with two counts stipulated in paragraph 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). Now shadow banker began to get acquainted with the case, then it will be sent for approval to the prosecutor's office. According to investigators, Urin "created an organized criminal group and by misleading Vladimir Romanov and managers and employees of CRA in 2010," Multibank "using fictitious companies and falsified documents has stolen money" Multibank "in the amount of 544 million rubles." In the same way, as stated in the indictment, Urin brought 750 million rubles from the bank's "Slavic".

According to investigators, Matvey Urin bought for 544 million rubles, "Multibank" through the hands of the formerovoditelya bank "Electronics", Vladimir Romanov, who allegedly did not know about the future criminal intentions of his friend. Then, as follows from the case, the amount spent on the deal, Urin borrowed from itself "Multibank" because of what formed financial "hole" in it gradually increases.

For the purchase of the bank's "Slavic" in its Sergey Rodionov Urin owner is believed to GUS, it spent 750 million rubles, and immediately after the transaction brought exactly the same from the bank.

Romanov and Rodionov had been questioned in the case as witnesses.

Sam Urin guilt categorically denies. He said during interrogation that by "Multibank" attitudes anyone ever had, but simply borrowed for the purchase of the asset 544 million rubles to his friend Romanov, who soon returned the money. According Urine from the bank "Slavayansky" he money is not a conclusion, a credit institution had already got him with a large financial "hole".

"Other participants in transactions with banks, interviewed just once, and issues in more questions than answers, - stated & quot; Rosbalt "opinion one of Urine friends - According to DIA, out." Multibank "1.2 billion rubles were withdrawn, and from the" Slavic "- several billion rubles Urine is charged with theft of a much smaller amount - 544 million rubles and 750 million. . rubles accordingly raises the question: who then stole the rest of the money missing from the bank? ". As suggested by the agency on Urine now "write off" all of the theft of a large number of banks, it is not checking out other possible scams participants.

Banking Empire Matthew Urine collapsed in autumn 2010. Fourteenth day of November banker motorcade moved along Rublevskoe when it clipped BMW. This is not like Urine. His bodyguards quickly caught up with a foreign car, pinned her to the curb, then smashed all the windows in her bits, and the driver beat. Behind the wheel of BMW was a citizen of the Netherlands Jorrit Faassen - a former employee of "Gazprombank" and "Stroytransgaz". He reported the incident to the police and called the number of machines offenders. Then Urin and his guards were detained. During the investigation it wason the set, that earlier at a nightclub on Academician Skryabin street they beat two policemen and took their identity cards.

After the arrest of Urine and it turned out that he is a shady owner of a large number of banks (Bank "Slavic Bank" Bank "Trado-Bank", "Bank" Mint ", OAO" Uralfinprombank ", OJSC CB" Donbank "AKB" Multibank ", etc.), which have a" dutuyu "capitalization. In fact, a significant portion of their assets (15 billion rubles) were removed and stolen.

In November 2011, the court sentenced Kuntsevsky Matthew Urine to 4.5 years in prison for beating Yorrita Faassena.

In 2013, the financier has tried for embezzlement of five banks. During the hearing, Urin expressed his version of events. Allegedly, he bought the banks in the interests of a shady investor Ivan Pavlovich Lyubimtseva in the future it is the latter, and controlled the operations of credit institutions. However, the court did not believe this testimony, Urine sentenced to 7.5 years in prison.

Now it completed the investigation of the embezzlement of moretwo banks.