Strange list of Russian banks which might lose their licenses

A "black list" of credit institutions, which by July 1, 2017 may lose their licenses, appeared on the Internet. Observers consider this list of 60 banks to be 90% fake.
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For a long time there were no such lists. Everything was quiet and calm. No, of course, bank analysts had a couple of banks in mind, at this particular moment in time they do not feel very well. But exactly what - a couple. But not sixty pieces.

And now, the grace for PR services of banks is over. The "Forum of Banking Analysts" has a list of banks, which, allegedly, will be revoked before July 1, 2017. Among these banks there are the names of those "couple-three" who really do not feel very well. And in respect of which the seditious idea that they could not live long remains. It is not a fact that it is until June 1, but before the end of 2017, that their fate will be resolved by the regulator.

Most of the names say little to the vast majority of the inhabitants of our vast country. What is really happening in these banks, even many analysts are unlikely to say, for they do not follow such a trifle.

But even this is not the main thing. The main thing is the number of banks in the black list and the period during which they, according to the authors of the list, can be killed by the regulator. Sixty banks for the remaining twenty days of June? It's impossible. This is unthinkable. Even in the worst times for Russian banks, the Central Bank withdrew five licenses a week. A week, not a day.

So, this black list of banks is 99% fake. Well, maybe not at ninety-nine, but "all" by 90%. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to bring it purely for information, for history, and for verification. Twenty days later we'll check how many names from this list are really deprived of the license.

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