Strong friendship between Natalia Sergunina and Capital Group

Structures of the vice-mayor of Moscow on economic policy and property-land relations bought from Capital Group 50 thousand square meters of office space in the tower "Oko" for 6.39 billion rubles. Another 3.075 billion rubles will go to repair them.
Over the past few years, senior officials of the Moscow mayor's office have dreamed of moving to Moscow City. And these cherished dreams began to come true.

The site of the state procurement of the Moscow mayor's office has information on the purchase of 135 parking places for 1 billion rubles. in the tower "Eye" of the complex "Moscow City" for the two departments headed by Tatyana Sergunina and the tender committee of the mayoralty, who move there. It turns out that for one car place with an area of ​​14.5 square meters. m capital will pay almost 7.5 million rubles. In fact, this is the price of a Moscow treshka in an area not too far from the center. But this is not all the costs of resettlement of Moscow officials.

Previously, 50 thousand square meters were purchased. office space in this very "Eye" from the company Capital Group, owned by Paul Cho. The buyer was Natalia Sergunina's "Municipal Enterprise SEM", (formerly State Property Fund "Moscow Property"). According to the Telegram channel "Reinforced concrete batch", for considerable, again, money - 6.39 billion for the area and 3.075 billion for their repair. The first amount went to the wide "pocket" of Capital Group, the second went to their daughter "Investprofi".

A Moscow official is an important person and he does not bargain for anything - nor my God. Therefore, apparently, the application for bidding filed a mysterious Cyprus offshore "Fuderin Trading and Investments Limited."

What is his mystery? And in the fact that neither the owners of the company nor its management are known, and even about the authorized capital there is no data.

There are only guesses and guesses. Thus, the network of business communications "VLSI" assumes (or guesses) that the main specialization of the company is "the activity of advertising agencies".

Pouring on the Internet, you can find that the representation of the Cyprus company in the Russian capital is headed by Irina Shamilevna Khalillulinova, representing in Moscow representatives of three more Cypriot offshore companies.

Who is she, this mysterious manager of the mysterious offshore, which got a lot of money from the capital's budget? Having gone through a simple logical way, we will certainly remember that the vice mayor of the capital Marat Khusnullin, who solely controls all Moscow construction projects, has long and firmly associated evil languages ​​with both Tatar builders who successfully "saddled" these construction projects, and with Capital Group.

It is noteworthy that through the same Serguninsky "REM" Moscow government concluded with Capital Group a contract for the construction of a residential complex not far from "Moscow City" at 8.894 billion rubles. If someone thinks that they will move Muscovites from the houses demolished within the framework of renovation, then this will be unscientific fantasy. It is much more likely that the housing comfort and comfort of the forefathers of the difficult "mayor" labor will find there.

And, by the way, against the background of multibillion-dollar payments to Pavel Cho, the famous house-book on Novy Arbat, the mayor's office sold him for only 2.4 billion rubles.

And what about the very interesting (in a bad sense of the word) resale of the chain "Capital pharmacies", which Pavel Cho bought from the mayor's office for 5.67 billion rubles through OOO "Mitten", and then immediately resold, and, as he himself admits , with a considerable profit. What do you think? With whom did he share it?

We can not reproach Marat Khusnullin for having repeatedly and flatteringly spoken about Capital Group. But how do you want to disclose the secret of this sympathy for the company, which literally conveyed billions of profits at the expense of the capital budget.

It is very unfortunate that our law enforcement agencies do not show such interest. And therefore it remains for us to observe and envy that perseverance. With which Mrs. Sergunina and MP "REM" makes all new purchases from Capital Group.

We even venture to predict some of the future such deals.

According to Moscow officials, the annual cost of operating 50 thousand square meters. m in eight buildings in the center of Moscow, which occupied the departments, which is commanded by Natalia Sergunina, amount to 125 million rubles, and the relocation will save 54 million rubles a year.

Demonstrating striking diligence and thrift, the mayor's officials stressed that the vacant real estate in the center can be sold, and the proceeds to cover the cost of buying premises in the "Moscow City".

Something tells us that the chain of office sales will continue, say, in a couple of years. Again, in order to save.