Stumbling Sharygo

Son of Konstantin Sharygo, Alexander, has had his sentence in the confinement cell increased. 

Tver Court of the Russian capital has once again extended the period of stay in prison for the son of the businessman Konstantin Sharygo, Alexander. Behind bars 21-year-old idiot sitting from January 11 and now his term of detention was extended to 23 August.

The official version is that in the night of 7 to 8 January 2016, Alexander Sharygo invited me to visit the apartment in the Second lane Schemilovskiy girlfriend - a model of Anna Lisowski. There he quarreled with her, raped and beaten. After that, it took a taxi to her home. Beaten Lisovskaya immediately called the police, which (because that's efficiency!) Immediately announced Sharygo Jr. wanted. On hearing this, Alexander, having consulted with his father, he decided to go to the police and to surrender. Since then, from behind bars, he did not leave, he faces up to 6 years in prison.

Beaten allegedly "model" Lisovskaya became an instant media star - reports it bypassed almost all of Moscow and a number of federal mass media, including TV channels, and January 14, she performed with her "mother" in the program Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk". Later it spread information that allegedly threatens the clan Sharygo it offers as much as 7 million rubles for the withdrawal of the application. However, the courageous woman refused the money.

As already mentioned, some Russian media, the official version is weakly correlated with reality. Let's start with the fact that no supposedly "famous photo model" Anna Lisovskaya not exist, but there is Anna Medvedkov from Yartsevo Smolensk region. In Moscow, a young provincial came to the agency ekskortnyh services, in fact, providing the Services of VIP-prostitution. Due to its clients Medvedkov-Lisovskaya traveled to Europe, where in Monaco and met with Alexander Sharygo part of life in general is conducted outside Russia. For example, he graduated from high school in all of Switzerland. His father, a prominent businessman Konstantin Sharygo allegedly engaged in products, services and some transport business with, and 6-7 years ago the government of Moscow and the Russian Defense Ministry went to the French Riviera - Nice and Monaco also.

With Alexander Medvedkov-Lisovskaya was in a relationship for about a year, but then, according to her, she VDRg decided to part with it - say, the guy is drinking, allegedly taking drugs and so on. Is further bases, against the father of Alexander, from which is now alleged blackmail knock a round sum of money for the release of his son, is hard to say. In any case, it is obvious that brainless Smolensk prostitute was merely the bait on the hook, which caught the son of a wealthy businessman. Perhaps Sharygo Sr. was seriously convinced that his connections and influence enough to get his son out of jail, but it is is not possible.

All attempts to challenge the conclusion of Constantine Sharygo son detained in Moscow courts have failed, and his son faces a real prison sentence in Russia. It is still not clear that when given the examination and can also be assigned to the trial Sharygo Bush. Most likely, while there is a bargain.