SU-155 is knee-deep in debts

The Moscow region government threatened the developer with bankrupcy.

Moscow Region Government has put forward an unprecedented tough claim to one of the largest developers in the SU-155. Company Michael Balakina, only recently elected a deputy of the Moscow City Duma, accused of systematic evasion of payment of fines and fees for the lease of land totaling more than 1 billion rubles. If the conflict is not settled until December 10, officials have promised to file a lawsuit on bankruptcy of the developer. The situation is complicated, developers admit, but it's not the crisis of 2008, when the first affected by them. Sales of housing is rising and credit builders are mostly denominated in rubles.

SU-155 owed 25 million rubles. fines State Construction Supervision and about 1 billion rubles. Land for rent in Dolgoprudny, deputy chairman of the Moscow Region Government Herman Elyanyushkin. Officials have tried to collect the fines through the courts, but, according to Mr. Elyanyushkina, court decisions are not executed. "Time has ended talks Vocabulary exhausted." - Said Herman Elyanyushkin and instructed the building block of the regional government to prepare documentsabout filing a claim on the debtor's bankruptcy. While in the suit, which is scheduled to apply until 10 December, it will be included only the debt of administrative penalties State Construction Supervision - 25 million rubles. for two years.

SU-155 is one of the largest debtors area payments for land rent. According to the Ministry of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense in September of this year, the developer's debt Dolgoprudny metro area was 750 million rubles. (The company builds a neighborhood where Central of 13 buildings with a total area of ​​825 thousand sq. M.). German Elyanyushkin says that now the debt exceeded the amount of 1 billion rubles. Two months ago, among debtors in different areas of the region were still seven companies indebted to a total of 498 million rubles.

According to the SU-155 Oleg Poletaeva, the amount of fines imposed on the company is comparable with the claims of other major participants in the building complex of the region. Arrears on hotels in Dolgoprudny representative of SU-155 believes incomparable with the scale of business (turnover in 2013 - 114 billion rubles.) And unrepresentative to draw conclusions about the financialthe company's position. "SU-155 is ready to settle the debt, while continuing to consider charging unjustified and confirming the intention to contest the charge of the court", - says Mr. Poletaev.

In the previous financial crisis SU-155 was the leader among developers in the number of lawsuits with the requirements of the bankruptcy to pay off debt. Early last year, the company said it repaid all worth more than 2 billion rubles. The basis of the court at that time were registered 19 complaints since the beginning of 2013 to date, there was nine. The total debt of the company during the crisis was estimated at 30 billion rubles. In April of this year in an interview with "Kommersant" Mikhail Balakin said that the debt amounts to 19 billion rubles. and it does not grow as well as new construction projects financed from circulation.

The situation is complicated, developers admit, but it is very different from the 2008 crisis, turning to the collapse of a number of companies (see. Certificate). According to a top manager of one of the major developers, a key difference - in foreign currency loans. "Then up to 90% of builders debts were in dollars, now this percentage is much lower," - he said. Analitik Sberbank-CIB Yulia Gordeeva confirms that the largest public developers of housing loan portfolios in rubles or diversified. "We PIC denominated debt LSR 13% of the loan portfolio in dollars and euros, the" standard "half in rubles and dollars, but cash on the balance sheet in the same proportion and cover the amount of debt" - lists Ms. Gordeeva.

The representative of "Morton" Igor Ladychuk said that from January to November (provisional) this year, sales of at least 12% more than the same period last year. Federal President of the "Leader", Vladimir Voronin noted an increase of 10-20% above the targets, depending on the project. The MIC from September to October, an increase of 25% in November and 20%. But all respondents' b "market participants are aware of the fact that demand may drop next year. At 10-15% accurate, estimates Igor Ladychuk. "Current demand is close to panic, and he will be replaced by stagnation Incomes fall, rise of food and consumer goods spending Developers that can postpone new projects, do it..", - Confirms the Chairman of the Board of DiRectors of the Civil Code "Miel" Grigory Kulikov.

As the crisis of 2008 hit developers

case history

Since September 2008, Alfa-Bank and other creditors have filed over 60 lawsuits amounting to about 4.7 billion rubles. to "Glavmosstroy" Oleg Deripaska. In June 2009, the bankruptcy procedure is initiated, but later the problem had been resolved.

In October 2008, the group MIAN Alexander Senatorova renamed "Copernicus" to get rid of the scandalous reputation because of the tax claims and the threat of bankruptcy. Because of problems with the payment of debt group has sold more than half of the assets. The conflict with Alfa-Bank continued until 2014.

In November 2008, Russian Land Shalva Chigirinsky has frozen the construction of the tower "Russia" in the "Moscow City". The company lost nine major projects, including the construction of a complex on-site hotel "Russia".

In December 2008, the AFC "System" had to lay VTB 71.1% developer "daughter", "Sistema-Hals". In 2009, the bank has received 51.24% of the company for a symbolic 60 rub., And later bought the rest of the pack.

In August 2009, as part of a debt restructuring "Don-Stroy" VTB symbolic 500 rubles. I received a controlling stake JSC "Don Story Invest". In 2010, the bank has established full control over the company.

In December 2009, a number of banks have initiated bankruptcy of RTM. October 20, 2011 the Moscow Arbitration Court declared the company bankrupt.

In August 2010, the court at the suit of Alfa Bank arrested a tower "Federation" and other assets Mirax Group Sergei Polonsky. Tower managed to defend, but in 2011, Mirax Group brand itself has been eliminated by the owners.