Subordinates of Sergei Sobyanin eat millions of budget rubles in expensive restaurants

Moscow City Hall in 2019 spent more than 47 million rubles on food in premium restaurants.
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According to MBH Media, the largest part of the capital’s budget for servicing protocol events of the Sergei Sobyanin’s administration — almost 43 million rubles — was received by the State Unitary Enterprise “Food Plant of the Federal Municipal Administration of the City Hall of Moscow”. The menu in the contract documentation is not provided, and on the enterprise’s website it is noted that its work is based on “the best traditions of Russian culinary art and advanced modern technologies of world culinary”.

In some cases, “serving members of foreign delegations” is indicated as formal reasons for organizing meals, but there is no information on the composition of delegations, the date of the visit, or the menu on the government procurement website, journalists say.

Biscuit company received another almost one million rubles: one contract worth 636 thousand rubles, the second contract - 510 thousand. In the first case, the maximum cost of food for one person should not exceed four thousand rubles, in the second - three thousand.

The Biscuit company owns the Voronezh restaurant, in which the average cost of salads is about 600 rubles, soups - 500 rubles, and prices for hot dishes and steaks start at a thousand and reach up to seven thousand rubles.

The company Monet, which owns the Pushkin restaurant, received two more contracts on similar terms. Salads in the Pushkin Cafe menu start at a thousand rubles, while items such as Salad with Lobster and Avocado or Salad with Kamchatka Crab will cost 3,700 and 2,000 rubles, respectively. Meat and fish dishes cost about two thousand rubles on average. Also on the menu is Beluga caviar for 10 thousand rubles, Rossini beef for 2650 rubles and sterlet baked with caviar sauce - 2840 rubles.

Two more tenders were received by Mokhovaya LLC, which owns the Dr. Zhivago Grand Cafe on Mokhovaya. The prices in this institution for soups and salads are on average 500 rubles, for hot dishes - about a thousand rubles. There is also crab meat and caviar - two thousand rubles each.

Another contract was received by Dawn Zaryadye LLC. Its cost is 636 thousand rubles. We are talking about the restaurant "Sunrise" in the park Zaryadye. The conditions are the same - four thousand rubles per person, luxury service. Salads on average cost about 700 rubles, and hot dishes - about one and a half thousand. For baked toothfish with altaysikm honey, you will have to pay 1,600 rubles, and for a marbled beef side with caramelized turnip - 2,300 rubles.

Also, two contracts for a total amount of 1.5 million rubles were received by the Justa Line company, which owns the Turandot restaurant. The conditions are similar - luxury service and a maximum amount of four thousand rubles per person. Snacks in the restaurant cost from 800 rubles, main dishes - from two thousand, and for some items, such as Kobe Japanese marbled meat, you will have to pay 10 thousand rubles.