Subsidiary of Gazprom has spent more than 1 billion rubles on sports complexes projects

All-Russia People's Front accused Gazprom investgazifikatsiya of spendthrifting in the implementation of the program "Gazprom for the Children."
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"All-Russia People's Front" activists of the project "For Fair procurement" analyzed the conditions announced by a subsidiary of "Gazprom" ( "Gazprom investgazifikatsiya") tenders for the design of fitness centers in the region and questioned the rationality of the state company expenditures. It turned out that in 2014 the management of "Gazprom investgazifikatsii" (performs the functions of the customer for the design and construction of social facilities) spent 1.04 billion rubles for the development of sports complexes projects.

Last spring, under the program "Gazprom" - children 'announced just 46 tenders for the design of fitness centers (Centers) of different purposes, projects performer was the St. Petersburg JSC "Design Institute number 1".

The ONF "Izvestia" was told that under the terms of the contract Contractors should develop the concept of eight sports and recreation centers, 5 indoor sports complexes without bleachers for spectators, 3 FOKov with ice field, 7 sports and recreation centers with indoor ice rink without bleachers for spectators, 13 sports and recreation centers with baSein without bleachers for spectators, 10 sports and recreation centers without bleachers for spectators. In total, the concept of sports customers intend to spend 1 billion rubles.

In the "Popular Front" we believe that all the requirements of the state client objects are identical, and if the terms of reference and differ from each other, only the addresses of the location of the future sports and recreation centers.

Nevertheless, paying LLC "Gazprom investgazifikatsiya" ready for each SRC designed - now the cost of works contractors varies between 11 and 65 million rubles for the object.

So, for example, two indoor sports complex without bleachers for spectators gas giant cost 130 million rubles. Another 227.5 million rubles will be spent on the development of 13 essentially identical buildings FOKov pool without bleachers for spectators.

The ONF believe in this project it was possible to halve the cost of the initial planning stage, that is, before the announcement of the start of the electronic auction. Customer was sufficient to apply the standard project-bound. Then the cost of designing the first FOCA would have remained the same, for example, 65 million rubles,subsequent price by a factor of 0.25 would fall to 16.25 million rubles. According to estimates of activists in this way in the company "Gazprom investgazifikatsiya" could save up to 600 million rubles, paying contractors instead of 1 billion total 400 million rubles.

- In this example, we clearly see that the issues of the model design should be raised in a variety of areas, not only in analyzing the expenditure of public organizations and state-owned and state-owned corporations, - summed up the head of the project "All-Russia Popular Front," "For fair procurement" Anton Guetta.

Get comment from representatives of JSC "Gazprom" has failed.

JSC "Design Institute number 1" - the title of the project - "Izvestia" said they could not comment on the projects of its customers, and advised to address the issues in the "Gazprom investgazifikatsiya" LLC.

In turn, employees of "Gazprom investgazifikatsii" explained "Izvestia" that the company has no press service and the personnel responsible for working with the media, and "Head is on vacation," so givea clear explanation of the rationality of the use of money the state company it could not.

- We do not determine the price, we are engaged directly with the builders, which bring us to the application, and we are with them on the basis of price bids do documentation, - explained in the company.

It should be noted that the design of sports and recreation complexes typically includes a sketch design, project and development of project documentation, as well as assistance in obtaining approvals. It is possible to get a full range of services, or performance of only the individual steps.

Director General of the project company Neocomian Vladislav Zhulenko said that if we consider the standard FOC, then the price calculation of the company, taking into account discounts and fitness center complete the project of light metal constructions (two-storey) will cost 2.6 million rubles.

- It is considered that the design work is about 3% of the estimated cost of construction and installation works. If we consider it as 3% of the cost of construction and installation works, we get about 88 million rubles should be FOC. If you take from 3-5%, then by 53million to 88 million rubles may be worth building. Everything depends on the content and the quality of finishing and materials. Over 65 million can build an acceptable Centers for team sports, it is possible, with a swimming pool 25 meters long and three lanes placed under medical room and massage, - he said.

The expert of the National Anti-Corruption Committee and Chairman of the All-Russia movement "For fair market" Ilya Handrikov believes that such wasteful spending - a common practice. According to him, a rare structure able to honestly use the allocated money, "creating a project and not pilfered from 10 to 70%."