Subsidiary of Rostec wants to produce the most expensive vaccine

So far the state buys the medicine from Pfizer and its partner Petrovax farm.
National immunobiologicheskaja company ( "Natsimbio" 100% "daughter" of "Rostec") announced plans in 2021-2022 gg. bring to the Russian market a vaccine for the prevention of pneumococcal disease. This vaccine is the most expensive purchased from the Ministry of Health to the National immunization schedule (determines the timing and types of vaccinations carried out free of charge and mass on the program of compulsory medical insurance). This year, the Ministry of Health has established a maximum cost of the initial purchase of vaccines against pneumococcus 3.9 billion rubles .; only the purchase of vaccines against 12 infections in the National calendar should be sent about 10.6 billion rubles. in 2016, he said earlier Deputy Health Minister Sergei edges.

"Natsimbio" created "Rostec" in 2013, the Government transferred to it, including "Microgen" the largest vaccine manufacturer. Since 2015 "Natsimbio" by order of the government is the only supplier of immunobiological preparations for the National calendar, except for vaccines against pneumococcus.

Four vaccine registered in Russia by pneumococcal andnfektsy, but only two of them are suitable for children up to two years (vaccination begins in two months): Prevenar 13 of Pfizer US (in Russia it produces "Petrovax farm", its owner - "Interros" Vladimir Potanin) and sinfloriks British GSK. The requirements of the Ministry of Health is responsible only Prevenar 13, which covers 13 serotypes (types of pathogen), and the drug of GSK - 10.

To produce a vaccine for "Natsimbio", according to its representative, will "Microgen". How many serotypes will cover domestic vaccine against pneumococcus, is still unknown: this company, together with the Ministry of Health and specialized research institutes will conduct research, said the representative of "Natsimbio". "Natsimbio" intends to bring to market, and analogue and childhood vaccines Pentaxim infarniks penta against diphtheria, tetanus and polio, the company said, completely replace their domestic counterparts is planned in four years. Pentaxim and infarniks produce Sanofi and GSK, respectively.

Vaccines, which will produce "Natsimbio" in Russia, more Sunit will be cheaper than imported counterparts, says IMS Health CEO in Russia, Nikolai Demidov. According to him, the Russian vaccine tenders will win due to the price, if the Ministry of Health will meet the stated requirements. Then foreign drugmakers are almost squeezed out of the market, he adds.

Representatives of Pfizer, «Petrovax Pharma», Sanofi queries not answered; GSK representative was unavailable for journalists. Get the comments in the Ministry of Health over the weekend failed.