Sukhoi Superjet has found a place under the African sun

Russia's UAC will deliver five planes to Zambia.
The United Aircraft Corporation has found a new market for SSJ100 aircraft. The corporation agreed to supply five planes to Zambia. So far, the most successful foreign market for this aircraft was Mexico, where the local carrier now operates 22 Russian aircraft, and in the future can expand the fleet to 40 vessels.

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has signed a contract with Zambia for the delivery of five SSJ100 aircraft, the head of the corporation Yuri Slyusar said in an interview with Rossiya 24. He noted that the signing "took place on a completely new" market for the company. Zambia will be supplied with "one aircraft in the VIP package for the head of the state, and four more for the development of the local civilian airline".

Mr. Slyusar noted that UAC, together with the African Export-Import Bank, concluded a leasing agreement. The document provides for the supply of an additional ten SSJ100 aircraft to the African market. In addition, VEB together with Afroeksimbank agreed to create a leasing platform, which "for the time being will provide for the purchase and sale of ten aircraft." In the future, as the assessment of the African market, supplies can increase.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) is a modern Russian civil aircraft developed and manufactured by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft). It is designed for transportation on short-haul and medium-haul routes. Available in the Sukhoi Business Jet version and special purpose. The basic version is designed for 98 passengers. Range of flight - 4,4 thousand km. Commercial operation of SSJ100 began in 2011. As of the beginning of April, 122 SSJ100 have been produced: 65 of them are from Russian operators, including 30 from Aeroflot, 30 from foreign operators, 19 from storage, or are being prepared for transfer to operators, and seven for SSUs for testing.

Now the most active foreign operator of SSJ100 is Mexican Interjet: there are 22 Russian planes in its park. This week, within the framework of the MAKS airshow in Zhukovsky outside Moscow, Interjet confirmed its readiness to take another ten SSJ100 aircraft. Together with the option to purchase eight more aircraft, the UAC expects that the Mexican carrier will operate 40 SSJ100. Mr. Slyusar noted that the Mexican government is promoting the plane's promotion on the local market: the air service from Mexico City is now limited, which "motivates the airlines to more flights from the major Mexican centers, which implies a greater demand for one-stop ships."

Last week, in an interview with Kommersant, UAC head Yury Slyusar said that the company "will not scale this project to more than 30-40 aircraft per year", since in the world market this segment is estimated at 100-120 aircraft a year maximum. It is not advisable to increase production capacity for more machines - in view of the existing competition, the company will not be able to sell them, the head of the UAC stressed.