Suleiman Kerimov has exhausted his luck

Oligarch Karimov could change his assets in Russia for a peaceful old age in Europe.
The police of the commune Antibes searched the Villa Hier in the south of France in search of documents about its true owner, writes Nice-matin. According to tше, the police seized, in particular, the account of the drapery, the amount of which is approaching €580 thousand. As noted, among other documents and family photos, this account can be proof that "Villa Hier and its surroundings, no less luxurious buildings, belong to Suleiman Kerimov." According to the publication, the area of Villa Hier is 12 thousand square meters. In the neighborhood there are other villas: Medy Roc, Lexa and Fiorella. The total area of these mansions is 90 thousand square meters.

Recently, the Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov is trying not to attract attention in terms of scandalous stories, and generally keep low profile. Recent reports related to his name, were related to the auction for the acquisition of the largest gold deposit Sukhoi Log, in the Irkutsk region. The story was long and in the end Polyus Zoloto company won, which is owned by Kerimov's son Said Kerimov. However, for the sensible market participants, it's no secret that the real owner of Polyus is, of course, not the son, but his influential father.

However, the same economic experts strongly doubt that having found its owner, Sukhoi Log will begin to develop rapidly. Because, according to rumors, Kerimov simply lacks the money that is required to develop the deposits. And this is in spite of the fact that Kerimov, for the sake of obtaining a tidbit (still potentially), joined the consortium with the monster of the domestic economy, the Rostec Corporation and its permanent leader Sergey Chemezov.

After all, Sukhoi Log can become a sad continuation of another Natalka deposit in the Magadan Region. Kerimov got it almost five years ago. What happened to Natalka? Nothing at all! Contrary to the plans, by the present day, not one point of the promises given by Polyus has been fulfilledr. Neither an access road has been built, nor an enrichment plant, and even the workers have virtually no place to live in.

The dark past of Kerimov

All market participants still remember the story of the international scandal between Russia and Belarus over the Uralkali corporation. No one doubts that Suleiman Kerimov became the "amusement organizer" of the conflict. At one time he headed the company, one of the most stable and profitable. And after all, this was Kerimov, according to experts, who was the main culprit in the dispute between Russia and Belarus because of the supply of potassium by the Russian company Uralkali, which Kerimov nearly broke!

Thanks to the efforts of Kerimov's predecessors, a joint potash company was established, which firmly occupied almost half of the potash market in the neighboring country. But Suleiman Kerimov's appetites are spreading so far that the union with the Belarusians was not enough for him. As a result, a new player joined the joint company: Silvinit. In actual fact, this firm turned out to be an ordinary absorber of other enterprises, and, in a simple way, a raider. How Kerimov became the sole owner of the largest potash company in Europe, is still not known. But the fact remains. Uralkali was transferred to the ownership of Kerimov's entities, and in connection with this an international scandal broke out.

Having learned about the rupture without his knowledge, the odious president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was furious. The case ended with the arrest of Uralkali's General Director Vladislav Baumgertner. It is rumored that even the Kremlin was forced to intervene. As a result, the situation was settled, but Kerimov was apparently forced to sell Uralkali.

Kerimov's PIK

At one time, Suleiman Kerimov owned a development group of companies PIK. The methods of conducting the business were uncomplicated. So, the company got loans from Sberbank and Nomos-Bank. How the businessman managed to get loans, and even with a prolongation for as long as 5 years, investigators and anti-monopolist officials are still trying to find out today. The matter is that for today PIK is obliged to pay to banks more than 30 percent of the penalty. Only now the new owners of PIK, Alexander Mamut and Sergey Gordeev, will have to do it; since Kerimov inexplicably "handed in" the company to them with all its debts.

The oligarch will hit the run

If we return to all of the above, it becomes clear that his, to put it mildly, Suleiman Kerimov greatly angered the state. Angered so much that even in the media they began to write about the fact that the oligarch can run away from his homeland in far more western countries. And as the astute reader has already understood, Suleyman Kerimov has a place to flee to. And this is not only an immense villa on the Cote d'Azur of France. It's just not safe to go there today, French policemen can "pack up" the owner himself.

But there are a lot of other spare "dens". For example, it is precisely known that a businessman has a big house in Switzerland next to France. Moreover, that Suleiman Kerimov is actively selling out his Russian assets. As all market participatnts say, out of these assets, he still has only Sukhoi Log and Natalka gold deposits. But, knowing Kerimov's talents, there is no doubts that he will sell them quickly and with a profit. If, following the steps of their French colleaguers, the Russian law enforcement agencies, will not become interested in him.