Sverdlovsk asset "Rostecha" found sources of income in suits to the Defense Ministry

JSC "Spetsremont" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has already retreated from the claim for 600 million rubles. Now the structure of "Rosteha" Sergei Chemezov require the military 70 million rubles for "using other people's money."
After the court refusal to "Uraltransmash" in recovering more than 600 million rubles penalties and fines from the structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation JSC "Spetsremont" the company found an additional opportunity to receive an increase in the contract by 3 billion rubles. Since the agreement itself between the parties does not provide for compensation for the delay in the delivery of the order and the failure to pay for the work, the structure of Rostekha from Yekaterinburg demanded that the defencists pay about 70 million rubles in interest for using other people's money. "Spetsremont" is trying to challenge the recovery in court. Meanwhile, the controlling bodies of the Sverdlovsk region have now promulgated another scheme, through which Uraltransmash receives additional income. Since 2005, the company operates an office building, the permission to enter which has not been received. Because of this, construction investors can not obtain documents on the ownership of shares in this building. Meanwhile, the plant proposes to transfer to him the already paid shares at a price 6 times lower than the invested funds.

JSC Uraltransmash (part of the NPK Uralvagonzavod State Corporation Rostekh) is trying to recover from the structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation additional funds for a state contract, works on which were completed in 2015. According to the materials of the Arbitration Court of Moscow, the structure of "Rosteha" from Yekaterinburg demanded from JSC "Spetsremont" to pay her about 69 million rubles in the contract for the repair of military equipment.

"Uraltransmash" then received a state contract for 2.995 billion rubles. The amount of advance payment from this amount was 80%. Another 175 million companies were listed immediately after the completion of work. The remaining 344 million rubles contractor knocked through the court.

Earlier, Pravda UrFO in detail told that the machine-building plant demanded from Spetsremont to pay him more than one billion rubles under the contract, of which 344 million rubles is the principal debt, 256 million rubles is a penalty for delay in payment of the advance, and more than 400 million - a penalty for delay in the calculations for GOZU. In a counterclaim, the Defense Ministry's asset insisted that it was not obliged to pay travel expenses of Uraltransmash employees for 48 million rubles. The company also claimed a counterfeit penalty of 112 million rubles for the delay in the performance of works and 150.3 million as interest for using a commercial loan. As a result, in May of this year the courts of three instances refused to demand "Spetsremont". It was not possible to earn additional funds either from the Yekaterinburg plant. The customer was ordered to pay only the principal amount.

"Neither the state contract nor additional agreements to it contain paragraph 15.2, in which the parties expected to agree on a list of violations of obligations that are grounds for the application of penalties," the judge decided.

As there were no grounds for collecting the forfeit from Uraltransmash, he found a new opportunity to receive additional funds from this contract. The courts satisfied the enterprise's claims for the payment of 69 million rubles in interest for the use of foreign money from August 2015 to February 2018. Currently, "Spetsremont" filed a cassation appeal against the decision to pay this money.
This is not the only scheme through which Uraltransmash is trying to get additional funds. Inspection of the Department of State Housing and Construction Supervision of the Sverdlovsk Region (DGZHISN) showed that on the land owned by the plant, a five-story office building is located and operates, which does not appear in the town planning and any other documentation. The construction was erected on a foundation pit prepared in the Soviet years for the construction of a factory polyclinic, and later abandoned.

"It is fixed that on the site near the Front Brigades Street, 31 there is a five-story capital construction site, which has several entrances / exits. The facility is operated - there are people in the premises, office equipment is working, "the materials of the DGIISN test reads.

"Uraltransmash" meanwhile did not receive any construction permission, nor an opinion on the possibility of commissioning the facility. "The operation of the building in the absence of a permit to commission the facility into operation, issued in accordance with the procedure provided by law, may create a threat of harm to the life and health of people who are in such a building," the department stressed.

According to the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk Region, an administrative fine of 10,000 rubles was imposed on the enterprise. At the same time, Uraltransmash continues to operate the samostroy. The press service of Uraltransmash said that they will not be able to comment on the situation promptly.

Recall that earlier "Pravda Urfo" in detail told that the plant "Rostecha" is probably trying to make money on businessmen who invested part of the funds in the completion of this office. As payment for the work, Uraltransmash transferred 60% of the area to Vip-Trading. The latter also attracted about 30 investors from small businesses, who, in the interest of obtaining offices, invested in the completion of the four-story building at that time.

"Vip-Trading" invested about 420-430 million rubles in construction, but when the construction of the facility was completed in 2005, the enterprise refused to put it into operation. Areas are now used, rented, and the building is on temporary power supply. To formalize ownership of small investors can not, because the plant "Rosteha" for more than 12 years, postpones the documentation for the facility. At the same time, they were asked to sell the areas that are not owned by Uraltransmash for 72 million rubles, which is 6 times lower than the amount invested in construction.