Svetlana Medvedeva arranged a ride on the state business jet

The prime minister’s wife found a personal plane that could not afford either for her or for Medvedev himself.
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The head of VTB Andrei Kostin mastered the scheme for the seizure of billions of property from the state bank. So, at least two business jets were taken offshore. And the banker provided cover for this scheme at a very high level - he provided one of the planes for flights around Russia and not only to the wife of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Where do VTB planes go

The story of how the head of the VTB state bank Andrei Kostin, through the credit institution entrusted to him, sponsors the journalist of the state television channel VGTRK Nailu Asker-zade received an unexpected continuation. Recall that just two days ago, FBK published an investigation stating that the TV presenter, in addition to elite real estate and a yacht, has a personal business jet class aircraft worth about 4 billion rubles.

Now, the Aleksey Navalny Foundation found a similar aircraft also among the wife of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev - Svetlana Medvedeva.

Like the Asker-Zade jet, the Bombardier Global Express 5000 was bought with VTB money (about $ 50 million or 3.5 billion rubles), then transferred to one of the bank’s subsidiaries registered in the offshore zone, and from there it was re-registered to another offshore. This final offshore is the same as the plane on which the journalist flew.

Navalny suggests that the scheme for the withdrawal of at least two aircraft from the property of VTB State Bank was organized by its head, Andrei Kostin.

“Our working hypothesis was that there is simply a scheme for stealing aircraft for the wives and mistresses of powerful people. This scheme is covered at the highest level, and Kostin simply included his Naila in this scheme, ”the FBK investigation notes.

On the trail of the plane that serves Svetlana Medvedev, anti-corruption fighters went through the offshore IF COMPANY LIMITED. This offshore in Belize received aircraft from another offshore company - TEKSER MANAGEMENT LIMITED, which is a subsidiary of VTB Leasing.

From Murom to Jerusalem - comfortable flight and zero income

Following the Bombardier Global Express 5000 flights, FBK superimposed a route map on the map of Svetlana Medvedeva's movements in Russia. A significant part of the business jet flights is concentrated in Europe (39 flights in 2019), but there were flights to Russia as well.

Having compared 11 dates when the plane with the M-SKSM flight number intersected with the wife of Dmitry Medvedev in the same settlements, the activists came to the conclusion that the private plane serves the prime minister’s wife.

So, for example, on October 8, 2015, you can track a flight to Orenburg. And in the news - information about a visit to the Medvedev Orenburg center "White Rose". In April 2015 and March 2019, she paid a pilgrimage visit to Jerusalem. Twice - on the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, I visited Murom, and all these geographical points are on the Bombardier displacement map.

According to Alexey Navalny, the cost of renting a business jet is from $ 9 thousand dollars per hour. Given the official income of the Medvedev couple - 800 thousand rubles a month from the prime minister and almost zero income from his wife - a married couple can hardly afford to rent a private plane.

“The Medvedev family can travel and relax ONLY at their own expense. Any other scenario is either theft from the state budget or bribes from the oligarchs. Only Medvedev personally can pay for his wife’s vacation and travel, ”says the FBK leader.