Sweeping purge of the Russian banks robbed the depositors of 50 billion rubles

Deposit Insurance Agency estimated the losses of the Russians, who had deposits worth more than 1.4 million rubles. Another 450 billion rubles came under "insurance claims", but they will return slowly, and also only partly.
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Depositors of banks lost their licenses in 2016, lost about 50 billion rubles. Such a conclusion can be made on the basis of information provided by the "News" in the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). This refers to the funds on deposit in excess of 1.4 million rubles, and, accordingly, are not covered by insurance. Experts believe that the regulator must less to bring the situation to the revocation of the license and pay more attention to improvement of the credit institutions. Including to preserve contributions that exceed the average.

Net loss of the Russians in the banks, which have lost their license in 2016, up to the moment, about 45 billion rubles. It was on such a sum as part of bankruptcy proceedings may be declared the claims of depositors of these banks, told the "News" in the Deposit Insurance Agency. This amount was relevant last week Friday.

Therefore, for the year the amount of losses, of course, will increase. So, last Friday has left the Central Bank without a license four organizations. The regulator gave the market Vega-Bank, Moscow M2M Private Bank (by the way, the bank has specialized in servicing VIP-clients with large deposits), the International Development Bank and the bank "Russian Financial Alliance." The rating agency RAEX ( "Expert RA") calculated for the "News" that the depositors of the credit institutions could lose about 2.8 billion rubles. Thus, a total of Russians can lose 47.8 billion rubles.

- As part of the bankruptcy proceedings, the depositors of banks, in respect of which the insured event occurred since the beginning of 2016, the requirements may be claimed in the amount of 9% of the total amount of deposits in these credit institutions - told "Izvestia" in the state-owned corporation.

Central Bank since the beginning of 2016 revoked the licenses of 80 banks in which the Russians were holding 501.4 billion rubles savings. According to estimates of the DIA, the extent of liability of the insurance agency to pay compensation to depositors of failed credit institutions amounted to 447 billion rubles. In comparison, for all of last year, banks have 77 licenses were revoked, and the amount of insurance compensation amounted to 369.2 billion rubles, which is 21% less than for the previous period, the second in 2016.

However, the receipt of funds in the course of bankruptcy proceedings - a long process, and in some cases very time-consuming. Firstly, although individuals are the creditors of the first stage, they do not always get the full amount of the difference between the insured and the actual amount of the deposit.

Secondly, the banks that the Central Bank denies the license is not a lot of "real" assets.

- For the remainder of the contribution of the creditor is entitled to write a statement of bankruptcy manager for inclusion in the register of creditors. Of course, guarantee any payments give no one can, as the bankruptcy of each bank - an individual case, and, accordingly, the amount of the claims of creditors in the bank can be different - told "Izvestia" lead attorney for property disputes HEADS Consulting Anna Abramenko.

According to ACB, the average percentage of satisfaction of the claims of creditors of bankrupt banks as of October 1 amounted to 34.4%. Thus, citizens still can count on the return of about 16.44 billion rubles. However, wait for their money depositors will have a long time. The agency reported that the average duration of the liquidation of credit institutions is about 16 months.

The amount of 50 billion rubles, does not fully reflect the scale of the losses due to failed banks. The fact is that since last year, the cases, when the Central Bank and the DIA show called tetradochnye (off balance sheet) deposits. This deposits of natural persons, which are not reflected in the official statements of credit institutions.

- With regard to the deposits attracted by banks from individuals without reflection in the accounting ( "tetradochnye deposits"), the payments on them are carried out individually by the reduction of accounting on the basis of documents provided by investors - said "Izvestia" in DIA.

However, the agency did not specify the total amount of funds for off-balance sheet deposits.

- It is sad that the loss of our citizens and of our business grow. Question losses must be taken into account of the Central Bank during the recovery of the banking sector - said "News" the president of Association of Russian Banks (ARB) Garegin Tosunyan.

He also said that the regulator does not share the approach in which banks with the appearance of the problems with asset immediately lose their licenses, and not directed at financial recovery.

Along with the citizens of losses in the failed banks and the losses are growing companies. So, on average, 16% of legal entities requirements in the third stage of the creditors are met this year, said the DIA. In the first half figure was 16.6%. It is estimated that "Izvestia" made on the basis of accounting data, loss of legal persons a little more than a year amounted to about 230 billion rubles.