Sweet life of Petro Poroshenko

Ukrainian President will organize a grand sale.
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Historic presidential elections in Ukraine, held on 25 May, brought to power a non-party and non-factionalism Poroshenko candidate - billionaire "chocolate king" and the owner of the sixth-largest state in the country.

On the political consequences of this event will be talking for a long time, considering how formidable challenges facing the new head of state. They will talk about what a sharp turn toward the West made the new Ukrainian President in his politics - he had already asked for Western military aid to countries, going to sign an agreement with them about security, and invited them to his advisers Georgian reformers - Mikheil Saakashvili and Kakha Bendukidze.
However, Petro Poroshenko is not only the political future, but also the business of the past. And from his Ukrainian president will have to get rid of.

According to the new president, that Ukraine expects global sale of business assets. The newly elected president has twice promised to sell his business. "In case of my election to the highest office, I want to conduct a fair and honest game - said Ptr Poroshenko. - President of the country can not do business. So I selling their chocolate corporation and will care only about the welfare of the Ukrainian state and its people. "He said that would like to" lay an example, "" when elected president publicly sells business assets belonging to it, in order to concentrate all its attention to the state service. "

From Poroshenko sales, however, exclude the media assets, namely the "Channel 5". Having our own media to politics - a thing still usable.

The President owned

Ukrainian Forbes estimates the state of Petro Poroshenko to $ 1.6 billion. The assets of the new president of Ukraine are very diverse. The basis of his business is "chocolate empire" Roshen - a trademark that was born on consonance with the Ukrainian leader's name. Poroshenko also owns two shipbuilding companies - "Lenin's smithy" in Kyiv and Sevastopol Sea Plant. Ordzhonikidze ( "Sevmorzavod") in the Crimea, 50.08% of the shares of International Investment Bank, 49.996% of the insurance Compansand "Krajina", a fitness club, "The Fifth Element", Dnieper starch and syrup mill, he also owns the sugar production from sugar beet "Agroprodinvest" and the company "skirts" (engaged in crop production and animal husbandry). President businessman controls a group of "UPI", which includes about 50 different assets, both large and small, for example, the agricultural company "Kryzhopol". In addition, Poroshenko retains interests in the Ukrainian avtokorporatsii "Bogdan".

That is, if such a sale takes place, and the president does not want to "re-write everything on the family," it would be difficult to overestimate the scale. ".. Yes, this is not the most peaceful time, but not so inappropriate for transactions After the election situation in Ukraine still needs to stabilize Therefore, the question of whether, say, an international investor to acquire assets in the country, you can answer:" more yes than no, "risk defines the discount, but the discount is not so significant and Europe still has the support of the country, this is a positive factor in all the disadvantages.." - govoum Igor Nikolaev, director of the Institute of Strategic Analysis FBK. Interestingly, in the sale of assets of the president will be able to participate and Russian businessmen, as part of Poroshenko assets located in Russia.

God sweets

By the confectionery business Poroshenko, was nicknamed "the chocolate king" and "chocolate bunny" was involved in the late 1980s. When finished training at the Kiev State University. Taras Shevchenko at the Faculty of International Relations. Along with classmate Sergey Zaitsev bought in Europe cocoa beans and selling confectionery factories across the country. Sergei Zaitsev is still working in Roshen, which is responsible for foreign trade. However, the beginning Roshen Empire was laid in 1999, when Poroshenko bought a controlling stake in the largest in Ukraine, Kiev confectionery factory them. Karl Marx and the right to a famous brand factory - "Kiev cake."

"Sweet," the structure of the future president of Ukraine was originally called "Ukrprominvestkonditer" and selling products under this trudnoproiznosisecond mark. However, in 2000 Ukrainian "Bureau of marketing technology" invented harmonious Roshen (on behalf of the owner), and even attempted to create a corporate "legend" that Roshen - a certain count, who liked sweet, in another embodiment - the god of some sweets ancient mythologies (probably so that marketers want to flatter the owner and to extend the contract for the promotion of the brand). However, none of the legends are not caught, and the money in the promotion of the brand by any not invested advertising campaigns.

Poroshenko subsequently continued to buy confectionery assets: for example, in 2001, the Russian went Roshen confectionery factory "Likonf" (Lipetsk), and in 2006 - Klaipeda confectionery factory (Lithuania). As a result, confectionery Empire Poroshenko of Ukraine became the leader of the market (about 30% of the market), the turnover of which in 2013 amounted to more than $ 1 billion in Roshen includes four confectionery factories in Ukraine, and one -. In Russia, Lithuania and Hungary. On the Russian market accounted for 50% of all export shipments corporations and about 15% in sales volume - up to $ 200 million per year (6,500 tonnes). "If mnya had the money, I would have gladly bought Roshen, - says Igor sutler, owner of the St. Petersburg confectionery company "Landrin". - Petro Poroshenko did a really good company that produces high-margin products. It is, of course, profitable. I would estimate it by a factor of 1.2-1.4 to turnover. It is possible that the sale be interested in any of the multinational companies, for example, of Nestle, "Mondeliz International" or Mars ".

According to the company, a leading confectionery group factory (Kiev) on the basis of 2013 increased net profit by 3.8 times, to 17.2 million USD (50.3 million rubles.). True, Poroshenko has worked over costs: the number of employees for 2013 was reduced to 1 742 people compared to 2,109 persons a year earlier.

Share indivisible

By Roshen already eyeing the Norwegian Orkla. "Roshen is in the top 20 of the world's largest confectionery companies. Purchase of the asset would be interesting to many large multinational players in this market, but the best chances for the purchase of Roshen, I believe, the Norwegian company of Orkla, which has tried to buythe asset a year earlier, but the deal never took place. Now the Scandinavians have the opportunity to catch up, "- says the analyst of holding" Finam "Anton Magpie in the company the possibility of acquiring the asset Poroshenko did not comment..

The version of the purchase of the Ukrainian company Norwegian corporation looks beautiful. These structures - fellow sufferers in Russia. For both companies it has been accused leader of the Russian confectionery market - the company "United Confectioners", belonging to the group "Guta". And it is to Orkla were presented the biggest claims more than 200 million rubles. As you know, this holding at the beginning of the 90 registered for the right to almost all brands of confectionery produced in Soviet times in different factories, and successfully suing now with many Russian confectionery company.

Confectionery business Norwegians in Russia is going through difficult times. "Factory named after NK Krupskaya (Orkla main asset in Russia -.. Note." Co ") is removed from the city, relying on the sale of real estate holding and would like to sell confectionary bicarried in Russia, but simply unclear who will buy it. I think that Norwegians are big problems with the management in Russia ", - says the sutler.

The fact that Orkla dissatisfied with their performance in our country and not against Russia to sell the factory, said in its annual report. "In Ukraine, the hryvnia is now falling, and the cost of raw materials for confectioneries growing, therefore, reduced and the market", - says Janis Kulikovskii, ex-CEO of confectionary house "Shandeni".

In Russia, the Norwegian company has established itself as a true conservative, of Orkla always consistently relied on the old Soviet brand (for example, "Krupskaya Alenka"), which in part led her to the problems on the Russian market.

Meanwhile, according to the latest reports from Kiev, there is a possibility that the confectionery business Poroshenko will share. Chairman of the Committee of Economists of Ukraine Andriy Novak told local media that, according to his information, the factory in Kiev, Vinnitsa and Kremenchug can be sold confectionery holding "Conti", belonging to the head of "Party of Regions" Boris KolesnikovOr group of "AVK" Vladimir Avramenko. Business in Russia also will get the profile of the company and who will depart the factory in Hungary and Lithuania - is not specified. If such a solution is adopted, it is only for political purposes to assets not got anyone, and "the right people" who will support. Sell ​​assets in parts - it means to destroy a successful global company and still get the discount for the sold assets. After Roshen assets complement each other: one factory made cakes, the other - the chocolate, the third - the caramel.

However, if the Ukrainian president is going to follow the principle of "give your business a Ukrainian", from the Lipetsk plant in Russia it will probably have to get rid of. After Poroshenko supported the Maidan, Rospotrebnadzor found in milk chocolate Poroshenko benzopyrene - a carcinogen that causes cancer, and imports into Russia Roshen products was banned. By the way, the relevant services of Belarus and Kazakhstan is nothing like sweets Roshen not found. According to various sources, the company took from 3.5 to 7% of the Russian confectionery market, which accounts for 50% of all its eksportnyh supply and 15% of total production. The factory in Mariupol had to close. Simultaneously, the Russian courts finally ruled on the suit of "United Confectioners", which Roshen sued in 2010. Leader of the Russian confectionery market has long believed that the candy "Swallow-songstress" Ukrainian producer violate his right to a brand of chocolates "Swallow". Jobs Lipetsk plant was suspended on March 14 of its bills by 2.4 billion rubles. They were blocked due to a debt "Gute" in 211 million rubles. In addition, in March for the company undertook Poroshenko and FMS, which in search of illegal immigrants stopped by the company. Illegals have not been found, and in early April factory in Lipetsk yet earned.

Russian trace

"I worked for many years in Ukraine, however, to another oligarch -. Alexander Leszczynski (the largest producer of bread in the country) I think that the actual sale Roshen will not, companies simply give some structures, for which will be the same Poroshenko This is quite. in the tradition of Ukrainian big business, as well as Russian, by the way. But Lipetsk fAbric in this case, have to sell, the "Ukrainian" factories may in fact obstruct ", - says Janis Kulikovskii sale of Russian assets is unlikely to be." Deal of the Century "at the factory in Lipetsk make caramel, cookies, jelly candy ... In assortment. for example, there are chewy candies with the intriguing title "Mad bee".

"In general, confectionery market in Russia is very is competitive candy market in general has long falls of similar facilities in Russia many of the values ​​in the confectionery market are complex and interesting products such as Ferrero chocolates Poroshenko bought Lipetsk factory only to enter the Russian market.... - the so-called "entry point", - says Igor sutler Nevertheless Poroshenko planned to continue to increase the power plant, the project has only recently stopped..

Irina Eldarkhanova, chairman of the "Konfael" Board of Directors believes that it is "bad assets", while buying it and has no plans. "There are different ways of evaluating companies, Lipetsk plant can be estimated in 1 billion euros, but would be good to buy itfor 500 million euros, "- she said According Eldarkhanova, Poroshenko would not hold bidding for your business, so who will manage assets -. a political issue." Most likely, there is a Western investment funds, which buy these assets, according to the agreements on interstate level. This is - a political issue ", - says Irina Eldarkhanova.

However, according to Kulikovskii at Lipetsk plant can appear Russian bidder. "In place of" United Confectioners "I would have made an offer Poroshenko only be offered completely ridiculous money That would be a logical continuation of the story..", - Says Kulikovskii. In group "Guta" said they did not yet plan to buy the asset. It is known that the company "United Confectioners" no longer engaged in acquisitions of foreign assets in Russia. Plant as the confectioners additional capacity on saturated confectionery market is not particularly needed. "Valuable and a market share of supermarket shelf space", - says Kulikovskii. The market share of Russian assets Poroshenko is now small, and that the Ukrainian president will do with Brenom "name themselves" whether to sell the title, along with the "iron" - it has not yet spoken.

Return Crimea

One of the campaign slogans, "chocolate king" - "to return the Crimea", may have under itself, and personal motives. It just so happened that in the Crimea was one of its shipbuilding assets - Sevastopol Marine Plant, which was one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine specializing in military and commercial shipbuilding and ship repair.

The main shareholder of "SMZ" is a company Petro Poroshenko "Prime Capital Assets", which owns 89.3% of shares. The plant is not in the best shape and idle without orders that did not prevent him to be in the center of the scandal. After Vladimir Putin during his "straight line" reported that the Defense Ministry placed orders in the Crimea on the warships to 5 billion rubles., Ukrainian media immediately wrote that warships to Russia, probably will make the plant Poroshenko. But Sevastopol Marine Plant denied this information. And he pointed out that the warships can not produce for Russiahis status in Crimea still "not settled", as in other enterprises of the peninsula.

The technical condition of the plant is not too far from the piles of rusty metal, investments in its modernization has not been done. Manufacturing has replaced several owners. In 2010, the structure of Poroshenko bought a share of the main business owner, Russians Konstantin Grigorishin (holding "Energy Standard," with assets in Ukraine, one of the sponsors of the "orange revolution" and the campaign Poroshenko), who complained that the plant brings him only losses.

As shipbuilding assets, the plant requires serious investments in modernization, but it owns about 60 hectares of land, which can be sent for development. His plans for Poroshenko not the voice of the plant. Even in the days of Victor Yanukovych factory workers staged a rally in Sevastopol, and ex-President of Ukraine reported that the plant has as much as 8 orders, which, however, did not save the company. In 2013, "Sevmorzavod" received 13.673 million hryvnia net loss, which is 2.6 times more than in 2012.

Russian plansauthorities in respect of the asset is also not clear. "Will it be nationalized, whether the company in charge of the Crimean government, whether it is any deal to sell private owner - is unclear," - said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexey Rakhmanov in early April of this year. Nationalisation of the factory in Crimea to discuss in connection with the debts of the enterprise to the local budget. Meanwhile, analysts are inclined to believe that after all it would not be nationalized, and the purchase, although for the debts.

"The most likely buyer could be the Russian state in the face of the United Shipbuilding Company (USC). For a private investor in the purchase risks are too high, because the factory is located in Crimea, with all the ensuing consequences. The inclusion of SMW in USC can occur in two ways. Either he will enter the South center of shipbuilding and ship repair, or it can be the basis of the new Black Sea shipbuilding and Ship repair center of USC. Download plant operation USC could quite easily. first, the company is able to produce new vessels and to repair existing, enteringing of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. In addition, with the development of production of hydrocarbons on the shelf of the Black Sea, Sevastopol morzavod can execute orders within these works, repairing and manufacture a variety of vessels and equipment for oil and gas. You can organize and manufacture of other products in the company, given its specialization and existing equipment, "- says Anton Soroko But the purchase of the asset -. The question, of course, political and depends on the relations between the two countries.

Sale of Petro Poroshenko maximum amount of its assets is attributable primarily to the fact that he needed to distance in the eyes of the electorate of other Ukrainian oligarchs, thus showing that he is ready to deal with a key problem of the country - corruption, experts say. When this process is complete, it is not so important. The main thing - to indicate their intention. Poroshenko - not the person who will sell their assets at a price significantly lower than the market, the more that it is formally not limit any time frame. In other words, take the time Poroshenko not particularlywhere. And make promises that are difficult to fulfill, it is not the first time - he promised to return the Crimea to Ukraine. It is possible that some of his business, he still retain, it can own property by other persons or entities.

"Buyers Poroshenko assets are likely to be its direct competitors, who are willing to acquire successful companies are the main competitors. With regard to the approximate cost as the plant" Lenin's smithy ", and Sevastopol Marine Plant, is based on the unstable and the crisis in Ukraine as well as the urgency of the transaction, to sell plants on the real market value is unlikely to Peter I believe that to receive 60-70% of the market price -.. in this case it will be a very successful deal for the new president of Ukraine If not need to sell their assets , Petro Poroshenko, this would not do, - says the analyst FIBO Group Yuri Tsigush -. You also need to bear in mind the possible "fictitious" sale of property, which will be advantageous to him this could include a nomination inflated prices and the inability to sell the assets, and the sale of their own. "implementing partnersrelatives "with the possibility of further reciprocal trade. The situation is clearly not unique, and it will be interesting to watch its development." "The assets of interest, and the acquisition in the long term will make a profit, for example, Poroshenko asset -. The insurance company" Krajina "- showing not the worst results I think buyers Sevastopol plant will be Russian With respect to other assets, it can be assumed that the.. it will be Ukrainian businessmen close to Poroshenko, "- says Vadim Tkachenko.