Switzerland froze Pugachev's assets for almost $700 million

The founder of Mezhprombank and his lawyers traditionally do not know anything about it.
Swiss authorities froze the assets of the founder of the International Industrial Bank Sergey Pugachev, reports Associated Press. The representative of the prosecutor's office in Geneva Henri Della Casa pointed to "Vedomosti" that the decision to freeze the assets was made in a procedure carried out in respect of Pugachev. The amount of frozen assets, he declined to specify. A person close to the Russian side, said that such a request was made in 2013

On the eve of the newspaper SonntagsZeitung and Le Matin Dimanche reported that Pugacheva assets of approximately $ 700 million have been frozen in Switzerland, and he is accused of laundering of such amount by the Geneva Societe Generale, says Swissinfo.ch portal.

Pugachev and his lawyers did not know anything about what else the arrest of its assets in Switzerland, said the representative of the former banker, Dmitry Morochenko. at Societe Generale funds Pugacheva received by them on credit from VTB in 2007-2008., which was repaid, said in his reply. "Office of Foreign Assets Pugacheva engaged owner IIB lawyer David Henderson-Stewart, who carried out all financial transactions, including those in Switzerland, and sole controll cash flow data Societe Generale », - says representative of Pugachev. Get comments Henderson-Stewart, who now holds the post of chairman of the "Rocket" watch factory board failed.

At the beginning of 2016 a High Court judge in London Vivienne Rose issued a judgment in which it states that the funds received to the accounts in Societe Generale, - it really is money received as a loan from VTB Bank, rather than the means of the Central Bank issued in Mezhprombank as unsecured loans (28.8 billion rubles.), as claimed by the DIA and the Russian law enforcement agencies indicates Morochenko.

"All that said a representative of Pugachev, completely not true whole truth will be established within the framework of the criminal case, which has long been under investigation." - Commented Henderson-Stewart on Monday evening.

Credit for $ 750 million Structure Pugachev got the Savings Bank in 2006 on the security of land. In early 2008, the loan was refinanced in VTB, the amount received in excess of $ 2 billion (then the land rose in price rapidly). During the crisis, the borrower is unable to obslget on credit, and VTB agreed to take into account the land debt.

Representatives of the Agency for Deposit Insurance and the Investigative Committee to comment on the information did not. The Societe Generale request left unanswered.