Tajikistan authorities threaten Russia by court action

Dushanbe does not rule out legal claims against the Russian Federation and Yamal airline.
The aeronautical authorities of Tajikistan are ready to sue Russia and Russian "Yamal" Airline because of the unresolved issue of flights between the two countries from Moscow Zhukovsky airport. The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan considers the decision to ban flights of "Yamal" lawful, since the carrier was selling tickets without getting permission to fly from the Tajik side. In this case the response of the Russian aviation authorities to ban flying from regions Tajik Somon Air has caused serious financial damage to the airline.

Tajik aviation authorities are prepared to sue the Russian airline "Yamal" and did not rule out a similar suit against the Russian Federation by Somon Air, said "RIA Novosti" Transport Minister Sherali Gandzhalzoda. The statement came in response to Russia's actions, which is suspended from December 23, Tajik Somon Air flights to a number of Russian regions. This measure was adopted after following the results of the talks held in Moscow Tajikistan does not allow "Yamal" airlines flying into the country from Moscow Zhukovsky airport.

Since November, the aeronautical authorities of the two countries can not reach a compromise on the issue of flight Zhukovsky airport. Tajik authorities have insisted that the airport belongs to Moscow and for the admission of flights to Dushanbe need to review the intergovernmental agreement. But the Russian side considered such a requirement is "prejudicial to the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and the rights of Russian carriers" (see. "Kommersant" on November 3). As a result of bilateral negotiations on November 7, the Tajik side accepted the appointment of Russian companies on the lines of Zhukovsky Zhukovsky-Dushanbe-Khujand, as was recorded in the final protocol. At the time of negotiating the designated carriers from the Russian side were "Ural Airlines" and "Yamal". The first of them started to use lines in November.

"Yamal" Airline planned from 20 December to begin flights in Dushanbe and Khujand from Zhukovsky and sold tickets for the next flight. Dushanbe allowed the "Yamal" to implement a charter flight to Dushanbe to take passengers who have been at the airport for more than two days. The Tajik side justified the refusal to grant the "Yamal" permits the lack of parity, and Dushanbe are satisfied with the number of flights operated from the Zhukovsky airport. Later, the "Yamal" announced his intention to go to court for compensation of losses incurred due to cancellation of flights to Tajikistan from Zhukovsky.

But the Minister of Transport of Tajikistan declared its readiness to defend their rights in court. "Tajik aviation authorities are ready to trial, as the Russian airline's actions were illegal. True for us: we did not break, but the "Yamal" illegally selling tickets without getting permission to fly to Tajikistan ". According to the minister, «Somon Air, which is due to the sanctions imposed by Russia can not fly in the Russian regions, suffered serious financial losses and may apply to the court with the same claim."

Flying "UTair" airlines "Ural Airlines" and "Tajik Air" carried out without any problems, and passengers can use their services. "We recommend to buy the tickets of those airlines which have official permission to fly to fly to their home without any extra problems," - said "RIA Novosti" press secretary of the Tajik Embassy in Russia Bakhti Sarvar.

Why Tajiks forbidden to enter the Russian internal passports

The Russian government in June banned from entering Russia for citizens of Tajikistan on internal passports. Now they need to have a foreign. The new rules have affected up to half a million people. By the end of the year entry only foreign passports to be introduced for all CIS countries except Belarus and Kazakhstan. Experts believe that the authorities are least able to count all the labor migrants in Russia.