Tatfondbank waits for rehabilitation

Tatfondbank officially announced the introduction of restrictions on payment. The bank is forced to adopt such measures due to the influx of depositors caused by the financial rehabilitation, which had been announced, but not implemented by the Central Bank. However, the decision on the rehabilitation has been made and now the details of the scheme are being negotiated.   
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Previously, Tatfondbank I posted a message that is scheduled for Tuesday board meeting, which will discuss measures for its financial recovery. On the results of the meeting, representatives of the credit organization promised to report after the session. However, according to media reports, the bank rescue plan has been discussed in two weeks with the Central Bank and the government of Tatarstan. During this time, the Central Bank changed his mind and instead offers to withdraw the license now considers it appropriate to rescue Tatfondbank through rehabilitation.

Another option is to solve the problems Tatfondbank merge it with another bank controlled by the local government - "Ak Bars" in which the liquidity situation is better, and the share of Tatarstan above that means a greater probability of support from the state. The merger would be logical since the region does not need two banks that serve their interests, according to market participants.

In Tatfondbank comment option with the merger did not, and the representative of the head of Tatarstan said that all options are Bank support. Saturday held a meeting with representatives of the Central Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan, the main theme of which was to save Tatfondbank. As of December 10, the amount of aid, which requires Bank, estimated at 120 billion. Rubles. In the beginning of the month it was "a hole in the 40-50 bln. Rubles." On the amount of assistance, which should provide creditors of the bank, the government of Tatarstan and the Central Bank have increased up to 75-80 bln. Rubles last week. The reason for the growth of the volume of required injections called rapid outflow of liquidity.

Experts note that as of November 1, the volume of funds of individuals in the bank amounted to 76 billion. Rubles. Thus, less expensive scenario is the payment of funds from the fund DIA. However, the bank is systemically important for Tatarstan, in addition, they have been obtained under the OFZ recapitalization program (1.4 bln. Rubles). The Bank itself is the sanatorium two credit institutions. These arguments are supporters of the idea of ​​the bank's rehabilitation.

The problems Tatfondbank newspaper "Kommersant" reported last week that a credit institution holding a large stake in the bank "Relight" bonds, which runs from October the interim administration of the Central Bank. The already difficult situation aggravated by the fact that because of the uncertainty about the future of his clients Tatfondbank actively withdraw funds. The most active investors withdraw deposits, the deposit amount which is up to 1.4 mln. Rubles. Yesterday, representatives of the bank said that due to high demand for the early withdrawal of deposits Tatfondbank management took the decision to impose daily limits on cash withdrawals at ATMs (up to 15 thousand. Rubles). In case of early closure of the deposit in cash, you can get 50 thousand. Rubles. Large sums are issued only when you make a provisional application.

According to experts, in the light of the limitations imposed by the Central Bank Tatfondbank do not have much time to make a decision. However, the tightening of control of this issue is understandable, they added. Support Tatfondbank a precedent after the announcement of the new rehabilitation model, which demonstrate that the exceptions to the rule are still possible and the regulator still has not developed a systematic approach to the issue of financial recovery.

Tatfondbank founded in 1994 in Kazan, Tatarstan's government is its largest shareholder. The bank's assets amount to 218 billion rubles, shareholders' equity -. 29.4 billion rubles.. The Board of Directors of PJSC "Tatfondbank" headed by RT Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov.

Banks Tatarstan said about the impact on them "panic depositors Tatfondbank"
Kommersant, 13.12. 2016

Kazan IntechBank said that "the panic of depositors of PJSC" Tatfondbank "spread to regional banks." In his official statement on the website intechbank.ru he said that he was forced to introduce temporary restrictions on withdrawals in case of early closure of deposits and withdrawals at all ATMs and cash desks of the bank's units - up to 50 thousand rubles.. day "in connection with the removal of the rushing stream of plastic cards Tatfondbank customers." "These restrictions will be removed immediately as the situation will be stabilized with customers Tatfondbank", - said in a statement. IntechBank asked "to remain calm" clients and investors, and "not to give in to rumors."