Tatyana Akhmedova used a deep freeze against her ex-husband

The former wife of billionaire Farhad Akhmedov demanded to freeze his British assets. The fault is the businessman’s refusal to pay the ex-wife the amount of compensation established by the court for a divorce.
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The ex-wife of Russian billionaire Farhad Akhmedov Tatyana asked to freeze the British assets of the businessman, the Daily Mail reported. According to the publication, documents with this requirement were sent not only to the court, but to Akhmedov himself.

The dispute between former spouses lasts from 2016. Then the court ordered the billionaire to transfer 41.5% of his fortune to his ex-wife, that is, about £ 450 million. However, Akhmedova received only £ 5 million.

The case on the freezing of the entrepreneur’s assets was brought before Judge Gwynneth Knowles. She doubted that the couple made an equal contribution to the acquired property. However, according to the judge, they "made an equal contribution to the well-being of the family."

The newspaper notes that there were problems with the delivery of papers to Farhad Akhmedov. At first, they could not notify him through WhatsApp, since the businessman blocked the number, after which they wanted to transfer the documents to his Moscow office. As a result, the billionaire was written to a personal e-mail, the newspaper notes. A new court hearing, which will consider including the financial condition of Akhmedov, will be held in November.

Earlier in an interview with RBC, the entrepreneur spoke about the reasons for the divorce, which took place 19 years ago. According to him, the ex-wife admitted to several treason. The break of their marriage was recorded by the capital registry office, but years later Tatyana, who became a British citizen, filed for divorce in accordance with English law. This happened after the billionaire received $ 1.375 billion from the sale of his 49 percent stake in Northgas. Since then, former spouses have filed lawsuits against each other several times. In March of this year, the Dubai Court of Appeal overturned a decision last spring to arrest the entrepreneur’s 115-meter Luna yacht. Then Akhmedov in court demanded that his ex-wife pay him $ 115 million in compensation for moral damage and financial losses, which his ex-wife’s lawyers regarded as a “flagrant public relations stunt”.