Tatyana Rogozina will unite fans around her husband

Roscosmos will protect the fan club from the attacks of critics: the spouse of the head of the corporation Dmitry Rogozin proposed to create a community in support of the organization.
“Let's all go to the stars,” she wrote on her Facebook page. The post was published at the second attempt. In a previous message, Tatyana Rogozina noted that a fan club is needed in the context of information attacks on Roscosmos. However, both publications then disappeared.

Press secretary of Roscosmos, Vladimir Ustimenko, in a conversation with Kommersant FM, stressed that the fan club is not a project of the corporation, but a personal initiative of the wife of Dmitry Rogozin: “We always support enthusiasts who support the space, the domestic comic industry, all the more so creative and beautiful natures like Tatyana Gennadievna. It is not a matter of information attacks, but a joint attitude to the space industry. We need to work on it now. Not everyone has that huge minus sign that a large amount of media is trying to give us.

The industry has really a lot of problems, but I think we will cope with the tasks that are facing its reform.

I think that this site really has a good, bright and creative future. ”

Whether Tatiana Rogozina herself will be engaged in a fan club is unknown. She now works in the Fund for the Support of Folk Crafts, and is also known as a songwriter and singer. She has three music albums. For example, Mrs. Rogozina's song “Fly” is dedicated to the launch of the Russian medium-haul passenger airliner MS-21.

In the comments under the publication of Tatiana Rogozina, many wrote that they would like to join the fan club. Among the potential participants are, for example, the Kuban Cossack Choir. But many users ridiculed the idea. “Now Ilona Mask urgently needs to sell his assets,” joke in social networks.

Political analyst Mikhail Karyagin is sure that the fan club will not help Roskosmos to level down reputational losses: “The problem is that the corporation itself is the main supplier of information leads for the so-called information attacks on Roscosmos. She can invest in PR as much as she wants, hire expensive specialists, pay money for some comments, organize flash mobs, information campaigns and so on, but tomorrow, for example, another rocket will fall due to waste of budgetary funds, and PR will turn sideways. There are also very large claims not only to the fact that Roscosmos is inefficiently performing its work. The Accounts Chamber also has questions on the financial side, respectively, the spouse of Rogozin can do anything, but I think it will be not so ineffective, and it may even turn out to be harmful. ”

Earlier, the corporation complained that they were being subjected to an information attack, the purpose of which was to prevent the country from regaining its leadership in space and creating an image of a state corporation “devouring federal money.” Dmitry Rogozin said that the campaign was ordered by state-owned competitors who are trying to promote in this way.