Tbilisi stepped out on Moscow and Tehran

Azerbaijan didn't give up the Georgian gas market and increases supplis to this country. Iran is out of the game for sure, and the Russo-Georgian bargaining continues.
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Azerbaijan, which is the main supplier of natural gas to Georgia, and more recently, according to the Georgian Ministry of Energy, refuses to "throw" it added 500 million cubic meters of gas, he suddenly changed his mind. And not just change his mind, but also lowered the price of the so-called "social" gas.

Two relevant agreement has recently been formalized in Tbilisi. That is, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan SOCAR will supply Georgia with an additional 500 million cubic meters of gas for the needs of the commercial sector. This gas will flow into the country from the Azerbaijani Shah Deniz field via the South Caucasus gas pipeline. The price for 1 thousand cubic meters of "social" gas and fuel to gas stations is reduced by 35-40%.

"The Azerbaijani side did everything to fix the problem with the supply of which has arisen due to technical limitations", - he said at a press conference in Tbilisi, Georgian Economy Minister Kakha Kaladze. The agreements reached with the Azerbaijani side aboutHe called "a vivid demonstration of friendship, good-neighborly relations and joint strategic interests."

Note that "friendship and good neighborliness" could undergo a serious crack because Azerbaijan, which, according to the Georgian official sources denied Tbilisi additional gas volumes are very offended when the Georgian side began negotiations on diversification of deliveries from Iran and the Russian "Gazprom ". In Baku, they said at the official level that Azerbaijan can meet the gas needs of Georgia and all over Europe for a hundred years in advance, and Tbilisi was practically accused of "treason."

Negotiations with "Gazprom" in Georgia were also equated with treason - not only fraternal Azerbaijan, but also the homeland. Because actively exaggerated the rumors that the Georgian authorities have decided to replace the Azerbaijani oil to the "political gas occupying the country." This "rush", considered opponents of the government, poses a serious blow to energy independence and sovereignty of Georgia.

In general, the supply of Iranian gas to Georgia (racesmatrivalis two routes - via Azerbaijan and Armenia) have disappeared completely. But what is the situation with "Gazprom" and what actually discussing a deal hand, is still a mystery: whether Georgia asked Russia to additional and impressive volumes of gas; whether it he imposed the Russian side. Whether, according to the official version, "Gazprom", which leaves Georgia, 10% of the fuel as a transit fee for delivery to Armenia, changed his mind to pay "in kind" and decided to replace it with real money, to which Georgia does not agree.

Outstanding issues with "Gazprom" suggests that the "Gas Odyssey" is not over for Georgia. According to the local Ministry of Energy, talks with "Gazprom" will continue for as long as no agreement is reached on the form and amount of payment for the transit of Russian gas to Armenia. The latter, incidentally, very much hope that it will become a transit country for supplies of Iranian gas to Georgia. But - it does not happen again. It is said that Iran had requested a high price for its gas. According to other sources, the transit through Armenia PLAYivilas omnipotent in this Russian republic.

And in the Azerbaijani press is perceived as the new deal "Abdullayev hold the gas market of Georgia." This is probably an element of truth, because Azerbaijan is not inferior to other someone else gas market, although its gas for its own needs and export it is not enough and he buys it from Russia. As stated by the head of SOCAR in Tbilisi, the company will continue to support the Government of Georgia - the country, in the market where it operates more than 10 years, and its activities are not only limited fuel supply.

In favor of the fact that Baku is very fierce fighting for its hydrocarbon exports, is the fact that the talks on Turkmen gas transit via the territory of Azerbaijan has been going on two decades, and all to no avail. On the one hand, Azerbaijan is interested in obtaining a transit fee from Turkmenistan, but on the other - he does not want to give rise to competition currently on the European market - enough to him, and Russia, and now - and Iran.

As for the "happy ending" - Dogsarrangements on additional supplies from Azerbaijan with the constant refrain of the Georgian authorities about the urgent need to diversify the sources to ensure energy security of the country - it is not clear what has been started all this "soap opera" with "Gazprom" and Iran with elements psevdopoliticheskogo blockbuster.

It is possible that, rushing to Russia and Iran, Georgia hoped to "put pressure" on Azerbaijan to Baku saw - pebble in the Azerbaijani gas has not converged, and reduced the price of gas. If so, the trick is quite a success. Either return to normal, that is, the Azerbaijani gas into orbit, was forced, as "Gazprom" has put Georgia exorbitant economic and, quite possibly, the political conditions. Well, Iran has played as played either really demanded a high price, or Russian factor load.

At the moment, one thing is clear: Georgia and Azerbaijan have hit it off, but some "romance" with "Gazprom" Tbilisi still ties. Political or purely economic - to predictcomplicated. In any event, after an agreement with Azerbaijan on additional gas supplies to Tbilisi took action "human chain against" Gazprom ", which was organized by the most active wing opposition - the party of ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili" United National Movement ". Protesters took to it with banners "Gazprom - go!", "No" Gazprom "and the other in the same spirit!.

As one of the leaders of the party Giorgi Vashadze, the aim of the action is to prevent the "switching" of Georgia on the Russian gas. "Gazprom", - he explained - is the most powerful weapon of totalitarian Russia for pressure on other countries. The entire civilized world and the European Union are trying to move away from this company. It is shameful that the Georgian authorities pursue it any negotiations. "

But at the same time somehow forget that "Gazprom" still satisfies about 40% of the EU's gas needs, and leaves 10% of the transit of fuel in Georgia. That is, one way or another it is still present in the Georgian market.