Telman Ismailov's sons will pay for their father

Bank of Moscow has got the right to collect the debt from the businesman's family's company.
Bank of Moscow has been made in the court of law to collect $ 213.3 million from the structures close to the founder of the ACT Telman Ismailov. However, examples of successful debt collection companies with Mr. Ismailov while a little, and the proceedings have not yet completed - the defendant is trying to recognize the loan agreement bonded. In parallel, the bank continues to demand in court the personal bankruptcy businessman.

Yesterday the Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied the claim of the Bank of Moscow for the recovery of $ 213.3 million with CBF AST Ltd. - the guarantor of the loan, which took Ltd. "Rusline 2000". Both entities affiliated with the family of the founder of the ACT and the owner of the demolished Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov. The KBF AST by 31.75% owned by his sons Alekperov and Sarhan, 36.5% - in the partner Zaur Mardanov follows from data. "Rusline 2000", owned by a British Virgin Islands "Ergon Inkorporteyted", until 2006 headed the Ilyaev Peter, who became CEO of another company Alakbar Ismailov Sarhan and in September this year. By the numbers, and CBF AST "Rusline 2000" calls "b" nickname yesterdayit did not respond.

As reported by "Kommersant" on October 5 in addition to the requirements of companies Telman Ismailov family Bank of Moscow has also filed for personal bankruptcy businessman. So far, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov led, Mr. Ismailov was a major metropolitan businessman, who owned the buildings in the city center, including the "Voentorg", and land assets in the suburbs. But after the controversial closure in 2009 Cherkizovsky market, he moved to Turkey, where it operates a luxury hotel Mardan Palace.

Yesterday the press service of VTB Bank, which includes the Bank of Moscow Group, "Kommersant" reported that the filing of lawsuits does not rule out the possibility of negotiations to resolve the situation. "Today, VTB received no constructive proposals of Telman Ismailov, or structures within its group to restructure existing debt," - said the representative of VTB.

The loan agreement with the "Rusline 2000" was signed in September 2012. It was assumed that the Ismailov family will sell the Moscow real estate assets to reduce its debt burden, but in July of 2015, leaving the attempt to settle the case out of court foryadke, Bank of Moscow filed a claim for recovery of the debt in court. As part of the lawsuit the bank tried to arrest the property KBF AST and achieve a ban on the introduction of changes in the register, but the court denied: the need to arrest the bank justified the listing from the site, "which is not the basis for the adoption of interim measures," according to documents court.

On the examples of successful debt collection agencies with Russian Telman Ismailov is still unknown. In the past year the group "Mangazeya" Sergei Yanchukova reported that the freeze has made part of Mr. Ismailov's assets on the suit to recover $ 100 million borrowed on development projects. But to get real control has not yet been on the real estate "Mangazeya" (see "Kommersant" on November 13, 2014.): Part of the assets transferred under the control of other creditors. In June 2015, "Vedomosti" reported that one of the objects in the group of Mr. Ismailov - hotel project on Nikitsky Boulevard - passed for debts to one of the partners of the ACT.

Proceedings from the KBF AST is not finished yet: the court accepted a counter-claim with trquirement admit a loan agreement with the Bank of Moscow and containing bonded obviously impracticable conditions. But according to A2 of the law office partner Michael Kyurdzheva achieve recognition bonded contract, where the parties are legal entities, it is very difficult, "Banks take into account this possibility, processing it, and hedged." In addition, the terms of the contract are likely to have already been discussed in the framework of the original claim of the Bank of Moscow, and the lender will be able to refer to the results of the case, the lawyer added.