Textbooks threaten to bury the "school minister"

The security forces are rooting against the Ministry of Education of the South Urals/
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In the Chelyabinsk region is brewing scandal in the field of school education. Check the regional control and Court of Auditors, together with the actions of the prosecutor's office revealed that part of the funds allocated from the regional budget to provide students with textbooks, wasted Books bought the wrong or in the wrong amount, and in some places and at all lost. Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee has started its audit of the Ministry of education of the region, the result of which could become a criminal investigation into misuse or inefficient use of budgetary funds. It is possible that the result will be the resignation of the Regional Minister of Education Alexander Kuznetsov.

"Checking the Control and Accounts Chamber of the area revealed that a portion of the purchased books are not in demand, - explained correspondent Znak.com assistant prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region Tungatarov Ramadan. - In some schools the textbooks generally bought on the budget were not in demand, one bought the party just gone - she was placed in the basement, which was flooded with water, and the book "drowned." There are cases when purchasedennaya literature does not meet the requirements, not included in the educational program. PCB handed materials testing us, prosecutor's office sent them to the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Chelyabinsk region. "

Head checks minobra Yuri Vetrichenko told Znak.com, that the Court of Auditors visited the ministry in addition to 34 schools in 16 municipalities and found two dozen problems.

"The problems are not isolated, so, apparently, our materials have been transferred to the investigating authorities - explained Vetrichenko. - Here's how to deal with the financial burden on parents, which is almost universally "?

Control and Audit Office has provided the Znak.com «squeeze" from the 30-page report on the audit. The figures look quite impressive: according to the report of the House, more than 1 million rubles was spent on the delivery of textbooks to schools beyond the stated rules. 32 contracts (40% of the total number of prisoners on the field) for a total of 166 million made at the wrong time, that is, students do not get books and manuals for the new academic year. Theome cases, parents are obliged to promptly buy books on their own, and minobr not even bothered to subsequently recover from the supplier a penalty. In addition, it was found that 181,000 purchased books (over 62 million rubles!) And did not put on the account in the Ministry of property - and in fact purchased by the budget books are to be decorated as the property of the state. By the way, and improper storage of textbooks - those "drowned" The above-mentioned prosecutor - also cost the region more than a million.

Supply of textbooks in general is a problematic issue for the government of Chelyabinsk.

The region has 350 thousand students, the average package of textbooks for each - about a dozen books. In the 2015-16 academic year the region to the full, guaranteed by the law provision of textbooks for all students from first grader to recent graduates need to 583 million rubles. However, it allocated only 64.8 million. This deficit was observed in the last year, and two years earlier. And even these means, as the verification of CSR in the region, often spent inefficiently.
For information about the deficit by more than 0.5 billion rubles has sounded on October 20 meeting of the Legislative Council Committee on Social Policy Deputy Minister of Education of Chelyabinsk region Elena Kouzova. According to her, today the provision of school textbooks, the Southern Urals - 69%. If we divide the money allocated to all students, we get a paltry amount of 186 rubles per person. This is despite the fact that the average cost of a textbook on the book market and the region's stores - 575 rubles. Incidentally, in the 1.5 - 2.5 times more expensive than the average price of a good fiction. In this variation, "security" between municipalities shocking: in Bredinsky Karabash area and provided free of charge students only 39% of textbooks and Zlatoust and Triokhgorny - 88%.

"The problem is very serious, we constantly receive complaints from parents in the absence of necessary literature - recognizes the head of the primary, basic and secondary education minobra Chelyabinsk region Yelena Turina. - Previously, the problem is partially extinguished federal makeup: in the years 2012-14, we received money for these purposes from the state budget. segOD A Y No help from the federation, the only budgetary sources - region and Municipalities program. This year it is allocated only 64 million rubles, the following pre-planned 100 million. This problem can not be solved. In addition, we are faced with a federal list of textbooks change as soon as any of them falls, the costs of it are wasted money. "

One of the causes of polumilliardny deficit - a sharp rise in price of textbooks due to the devaluation of the ruble. Blankbook dependent on imported raw materials, especially paper. Therefore the price of books increased by 70% in the last year.

"Applications are formed, usually in winter, - explains the director of the Chelyabinsk school №95 Lily Yemelyanov. - And we are constantly taking place failures Behold acting teacher by the school principal and the municipality ordered a certain number of specific textbooks. But in the new school year comes another teacher working in another program, and the literature he needs the other, because, according to the law, teachers themselves determine their program. As a result, already paid for and delivereds books are not claimed. Or another situation: the teacher ordered, eg, 30 physics textbooks for parallels. The following year, they moved to the new class. If it is less than 30 people - part of the textbooks are not in demand. If more - a deficit. Predict the content of school textbooks and the need for up to a unit simply impossible "

According to official data, the investigating authorities are checking because of the inefficiency of the work of the ministry. On some theft "uchebnikovyh" money out of the question. Nevertheless, sources Znak.com in education and law enforcement bodies in unison say: the situation in recent years, could cost the post of Education Minister Kuznetsov. However, he is optimistic.

"The Control and Audit Office to inspect the activities of the Ministry of Education in the last three years, - he told the Minister Znak.com Chelyabinsk region Alexander Kuznetsov. - Yes, we have shortcomings and violations, but they are still relatively small: somewhere that is not to put. Given the amount of work - millionstextbooks! I do not think it's so much a critical indicator. In addition, one must understand that the application form for books still municipalities. Errors should hang on them, rather than at the regional office. "

The municipalities are not so complacent configured. However, city and district officials traditionally dump the responsibility on the lower managerial levels - principals. That supervisors of educational institutions directly responsible for the security wards literature, but do not have any leverage to higher authorities: they do not depend on how much money to allocate school region and municipality.

A source in the field of education believes that the work of the minister is unlikely to be the subject of a criminal investigation, but his career could suffer. "Judge for yourself: a set of textbooks for sixth-grader is about six thousand. Across the region - this is a business worth hundreds of millions, in which dozens of interested publishers and resellers. And who and what to buy - it solves the Ministry of Education.Moreover, unlike other "sotsialschikov" forced to hold contests, Minobru do not have to bother with auctions: textbooks - is an object of copyright, the prices are determined in advance by publishers by agreement with the authors, and bargaining is inappropriate here. That is a specific algebra textbooks or Russian language can only be bought from a particular publisher. And you can not buy, and to negotiate with the resellers and direct them to their parents to buy books at exorbitant prices. In this market, - scope for different combinations. "