The accident at the Alrosa mine reduced the company's share price by 4.2%

There was a breakthrough of water in the mine, at the time of the incident there were 151 persons.
A breakthrough occurred in the mine of the Mir mine (Mirny, Yakutia) of the diamond mining company Alrosa. At the time of the accident, there were 151 people in the mine. According to the company, a plan has been introduced to eliminate the accident, an operational headquarters has been set up, and a rescue operation is under way. "All emergency services immediately arrived at the scene of the accident, the staff of the VGSCH work at the facility. The head of the company "Alrosa" Sergei Ivanov flew to Mirny, "- said in a statement.

As Interfax reports referring to a source in the emergency services, 89 people have already been raised to safety marks, another 60 remain in the submerged part of the mine. "The water is gone, in the near future will be connected to an electrical system that will raise the remaining workers in the face," - said the source. The press service of the company "Vedomosti" reported that the surface raised 102 miners, of which no one was hurt. The rescue operation continues, and another 33 people will soon be raised. People from the lower horizons are transferred to the upper safe horizons, in the near future they will be delivered to the surface, the press service added. There are 16 people searching.

 The TASS source in emergency services reported that at the moment the location of 90 miners has been established, communication with others is being established. According to him, 200,000 cubic meters of gas fell into the mine. M of water. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Yakutia, it was clarified that the groundwater flooding of one of the pumping stations occurred at the 210th horizon of the mine.

The work of the mine is completely suspended, when it is resumed, until it is reported. The accident occurred on the tube "Mir". The underground diamond mine "Mir" began its work in 2009, the planned service life is 50 years. Its productivity is about 1 million tons of ore per year. Now the underground mine "Mir" accounts for about 11% of the production of "Alrosa." Capitalization of Alrosa today lost 4.18%, down to 599.7 billion rubles., I testify to the data of the Moscow stock exchange.

The head of Yakutia, Yegor Borisov flew to Mirny. "I fly to Mirny to monitor the course of rescue operations directly at the Mir mine and take operative measures to attract additional forces," Borisov wrote on his personal website. The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov and the head of Rostekhnadzor Alexei Aleshin also flew to the scene of the accident.

On-site employees of Rostechnadzor work and in the near future they will create a working commission to investigate the causes of the accident, a representative of the agency told Vedomosti.

According to preliminary data, the accident could have occurred due to a technological malfunction on the water storage tank, Interfax reported referring to a source in the technical supervision services of Yakutia.

The prosecutor's office of Yakutia organized a check in connection with the flooding of the mine. "During the inspection, all the circumstances of the incident will be examined, and the actions of the officials responsible for organizing the production process will be assessed. If there are grounds, measures will be taken by the prosecutor's response, "the prosecutor's office said. SU TFR for the region also began a procedural check on the basis of the elements of the crime provided for in Part 1 of Art. 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (violation of safety rules in the conduct of mining operations).

This is the second week of emergency at the Mir mine. On July 29, in the track-tape, a rock collapse occurred, which fell asleep the loading machine. The man who was in it died. Then the mine was not suspended. In November 2016, a malfunction at the Udachny underground mine led to the collapse of the company's shares by 4.2%.