The agricultural empire of Alexander Tkachev slowed down

Agrocomplex named after NI Tkachev has postponed large-scale expansion to the Rostov region. The main reason for experts is the loss of Alexander Tkachev's administrative resource - the post of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.
Kuban Agrocomplex it. NI Tkacheva on July 1 will begin to build a dairy complex in the Rostov region for 2.8 thousand heads with a capacity of more than 25.2 thousand tons of milk per year with an investment volume of 3 billion rubles. Earlier it was announced that the company intends to invest 45 billion rubles. in the construction of eight malls and a factory. However, the holding company "Y-Yug" was informed that now this plan is not being considered "in connection with changes in prices on the raw materials market". Some experts believe that the project parameters are overstated, since the raw materials market in the dairy industry is currently not scarce.

Agrocomplex them. NI Tkachev from July 1 will start the construction of a dairy complex "Zhukovsky" for 2.8 thousand heads in the Peschanakopsky district of the Rostov region, said "b-south" deputy district head Vyacheslav Zotov. According to him, the project, which has already passed environmental expertise, will be implemented on a plot of 100 hectares. The total volume of investments will be about 3 billion rubles. Of these, 20% - own funds, 80% - borrowed. Agrocomplex has already submitted a loan application to Sberbank. The capacity of the enterprise will exceed 25 thousand tons of milk per year. The object is planned to be commissioned by 2020. Experts consider the project promising. "The Agrocomplex them. NI Tkachev has milk processing enterprises, creating their own powerful raw materials base will protect them from jumps in raw material prices, "says the chairman of the National Union of Milk Producers, Andrei Danilenko. In turn, Konstantin Sinetsky, general director of the Kubanmoloko Association of Dairy Enterprises, notes that the Rostov region market, where there are only two large mills (in Myasnikovsky and Semikarakorsky districts), is very promising for the Kuban holding due to weak competition.

The construction of the Zhukovsky dairy complex is only one of the components of the large-scale expansion project of the Agrocomplex named after N. I. Tkachev in the Rostov region, announced as early as 2014. Then the holding entered the Rostov region, acquiring 170 thousand hectares of land from the Valars. Initially, he intended to invest about 45 billion rubles. in the creation of a dairy cluster in the region. Igor Burakov, the head of the Rostov Region Investment Development Agency, said that there is an oral agreement between the regional authorities and company representatives on this matter. This issue was discussed during the meeting of the Council on Import Substitution under the Government of the Rostov Region on June 1. It was, in particular, that the cluster would consist of eight dairy farms and a milk processing plant. The volume of investment in the construction of the plant alone was estimated at 10 billion rubles.

However, the investment project of the Kuban holding was suspended. "The company is not currently considering it in connection with changes in prices on the raw materials market," said the director general of the Agrocomplex. NI Tkacheva Evgeny Hvorostina.

He did not explain the reasons for the suspension of the project in detail. "The question is in the economics of the project. The intention to develop the dairy sector in the Rostov region was expressed when the market price of milk was 30 rubles. at a cost price of 20 rubles per kilogram, now the price has fallen to 22 rubles, respectively, the economy and payback of the project have changed. The holding does not abandon the project, but in the new conditions it is necessary to clarify its parameters, "a source familiar with the situation told Yuganskneftegaz.

Meanwhile, according to the association "Kubanmoloko", there is no shortage of raw materials in the region and the neighboring Rostov region. About 1.4 million tons of milk are produced annually in the region, and only 900,000 tons are processed, the rest is exported to Adygea and the Rostov Region.

According to Denis Afanasyev, Marketing Director of the Rostov Dairy Holding "Polar Bear" Denis Afanasyev, the suspension of the project may not only have economic reasons. He believes that the pause is more connected with the fact that the co-owner of the agro-complex Alexander Tkachev left the post of Minister of Agriculture of Russia, because of which the project lost a significant share of administrative support.