The Anti-Corruption Fund asked the Investigative Committee to initiate a criminal case against Medvedev and Usmanov

It argues that the oligarch gave the premiere a mansion worth 5 billion rubles.
Director of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund on Thursday sent to the Russia's Investigative Committee an application to initiate a criminal case against prime minister Dmitry Medvedev and businessman Alisher Usmanov, under the Article 290 and 291 of the Criminal Code (bribery).

The statement said that in August 2010, Alisher Usmanov donated the Fund for Support Socially Important State Projects, "which is organized and managed by Dmitry Medvedev," a land plot in the village of Znamenskoye, Moscow region, with a residential house Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Fund is Medvedev's classmate Ilya Eliseev, and the CEO is another classmate, Alex Chetvertkov. The estimated market value of the property is 5 billion rubles, the statement said. "Since the business activities of Usmanov are significantly associated with government contracts, as well as the regulatory and non-regulatory acts adopted by Medvedev  in respect to the entities affiliated with Usmanov, there is reason to believe that the above transfer of immovable property worth 5 billion rubles was a bribe," said in a statement.

In another statement Rubanov asked to initiate a casue under Art. 160 (embezzlement) in connection with the investments of the Regional Non-Commercial Projects. The statement said that the fund developing property, under the law has no right to dispose of it only as for the purposes defined in its charter, such as to transfer it to third parties without receiving equivalent compensation. Among the objectives of the fund is social support and protection of the disabled, the satisfaction of spiritual and other non-material needs of citizens, environmental protection and others.

However, in September 2014, that fund gratuitously transferred to the ownership of the Gradislava non-profit foundation a real estate object represented by a land plot in the village of Milovka, Ivanovo region, and to the Support Fund for Winter Olympic Sports - a building area of 1268.4 square meters in the village of Esto-Sadok. Thus, the actions of the general director of the fund Viktor Davydov contain evidence of a crime under p. 4 Art. 160 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement on a large scale), said in a statement. Rubanov demands to initiate a criminal case against Davydov.

According to what Rubanov told Vedomosti, the statement on a criminal case had been sent via e-office of the Investigative Committee (where they, according to Rubanov, had been assigned numbers 473584 and 473586). He said later he would send a paper letter and statements to Bastrykin's address. Rubanov has not received a reply from the Committee, its representative didn't reply a phone call. Similar statements were sent by Rubanov to the MIA, the Ministry of Justice and the head of the president's anti-corruption department Oleg Plokhoy.

According to a law enforcement officer, according to Art. 144 of the Criminal Procedure Rules, response to such a statement must be given within a period of three to 30 days (in the latter case with the need for documentary checks and document research). "Navalny's material has a pronounced electoral character, as he himself says in the end of the video. To comment upon a propaganda outburst of an opposition and condemned person, who says he's already engaged in some anti-government campaign, is meaningless," the press-secretary of Dmitry Medvedev Natalia Timakova told Interfax.

A spokeswoman of Alisher Usmanov has not yet provided comments.