The assets worth 500 mln rubles were moved our from the March 8 Holding after its owner's death

Investigators opened a criminal case for falsification of constituent documents of the company, part of the furniture holding owned by Mikhail Kravchenko who had been murdered in 2012. 
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Business millionaire, philanthropist and head of the "March 8" largest furniture holding Mikhail Kravchenko after his death rocked by scandals. Investigative Committee opened a new criminal case against unidentified persons of the founders of the company LLC "Comfort", which is a holding company engaged in the production Kravchenko luxury furniture. The cost of the asset, for the protection of estimates - 500 million rubles. Unknown founders suspected illegal amendments to the register of legal entities (Art. 170.1 of the Criminal Code), which led to the conclusion Representative Kravchenko from the founders of "Comfort" and actually capture his business. Representatives of the family Kravchenko unhappy with this situation and require the investigation to reclassify charge on h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale").

The company "Comfort" engaged in the production of upholstered furniture elite brand Albert & Stein. Before the death of Kravchenko company owned by his sister Olga Talanov and former business partner, Olga Otarashvili. First belonged to 90% of the share capital, the second - 10%. The total value of assets held by a ballAnse "Comfort", estimated lawyer Karen Nersisyan, representing the interests of Kravchenko's family, close to half a billion rubles. It is a manufacturing facility located in Moscow derevoraspilochnom shop 1,4 thousand square meters. m. at Staropetrovsky proezd. 11, p. 3.

- It is necessary to clarify that Talanov Olga was only the nominal owner of the asset, - he told "Izvestiya" Nersisyan. - All economic and financial activities engaged himself Kravchenko.

May 22, 2012 Kravchenko shot dead near his home in the village of Peredelkino. Nine days after that in the Federal Tax Service in Moscow 46 someone brought the documents for re-registration of one of the major assets of "furniture of the King" - LLC "Comfort", which produces frames for upholstered furniture.

- An unknown person June 6, 2012 submitted to the Russian MINFNS statement number 46 on amendments to the EGRUL on the participants of "Comfort", general meeting minutes, shareholder declarations and acts of sale of shares by other shareholders - reported "izvesiyam "sources of the Investigation Committee. - According to expert opinion, Talanov signatures were forged.

The criminal case was filed under Part. 1, Art. 170.1 of the Criminal Code ( "Falsification of a single state register of legal entities") at the request of Talanov Olga, who found that she no longer belongs to a single ruble in the authorized capital, as the sole owner of an expensive asset listed some hope Vlaskina.

Protection Talanov sure to alter the charter and forge these documents could partner Kravchenko.

- Olga Otarashvili had access to all documents and seals, and had all the opportunities to forge documents - told "Izvestia" lawyer Karen Nersisyan.

The defense also insist on the prosecution of retraining at a grave hour. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code, as it believes that the assets were thus stolen.

Otarashvili itself rejects any claim to it. How do I find "News", during the investigation Otarashvili stated that only signed the papers at the request of Kravchenko and does not know who changed the founding documents: onShe said that she do not even know where the seals and stamps of society.

"In fact, I was the nominal director of" Comfort ", - said Otarashvili investigator at the confrontation. - At the request of Kravchenko I signed the financial and economic documents that brought me home or I came to be signed on the production. <...> Where to store financial and economic documents of the company, I was not known. Where are <...> stamps and printing of "Comfort", I do not know. After the death of Kravchenko stamps and printing of "Comfort" I have not used ", - stated in the minutes of the interrogation Otarashvili.

Now the production of furniture under the brand Albert & Stein has been a Moscow company "Furniture manufacture" Tseh ", which is controlled by the legitimate heirs Kravchenko. According SPRAK, its CEO is Denis Scherbakov, the co-owners - and Talanov Shcherbakov. "News" contacted the manufacturer and learned: the last time was Otarashvili in their field of vision in 2013.

- Our company in 2013, the ransomsludge from Otarashvili and LLC "Comfort" rights to use the brand and the production of furniture of this brand - told "Izvestia" in "Tseh". - We do not keep in touch with Mrs. Otarashvili.

The criminal case of the murder Kravchenko disclosed and transferred to the prosecutor's office. In the dock will go to two alleged perpetrators of the murder and the alleged organizer - a former business partner Alex Kravchenko Pronin.