The Audit Chamber has found excess expenditures in the construction of the Moscow-Petersburg highway

Vyshny Volochek Bypass cost 6.6 billion more than had been planned; it is being built by Mostotrest, which obatained the contract without tendering. Arkady and Igor Rotenberg as the co-owners of the company. 

Court of Auditors (SP) found that the cost of building work around Vyshny Volochek on the new toll highway Moscow -. St. Petersburg inflated by 6.6 billion rubles, the report said the auditor. The cost of building a 76-kilometer section - 49.6 billion rubles. The contract for the construction and operation of the site for a period of 22.5 years at the end of 2011 was signed without competition with "Mostotrest" - the company's bid was the only, and the contest was declared invalid. Sam "Mostotrest" invested in the construction of 5.2 billion rubles, the rest -. Government funding.

"Mostotrest" Co-owners are businessmen Arkady Rotenberg and Igor through Marc O'Polo Investments. Together with co-investors they own 38.6% of the construction company. Another 27.3% of the shares owned railway monopoly RZD structure, 34.1% is in free float.

The total construction costs amounted to 51 billion rubles, JV writes -. 1.43 billion still accounted for the costs the state company "Avtodor". Justification of these costs are not presented, the auditors wrote. In addition, according to their data, the cost of construction was 6.6 mpg rubles. higher than the cost, confirmed Glavgosexpertiza (auditors refer to the conclusion of 8 October 2010), and "Avtodor" also has not provided economic and legal justification of this cost.

The cost of building corresponds to the project documentation, approved in the manner prescribed by law and received a positive opinion Glavgosekspertizy indicates the representative of "Avtodor".

Said initial cost of the project documentation has been approved in the prices of the III quarter 2010, he explains the difference pointed to by an analytical report of the Accounting Chamber, is the sum of the conversion price 2010 price of the relevant years of the project taking into account the Ministry of Economic Development brought deflators used to convert the building industry prices. All the necessary calculations confirming this position, were presented at the Collegium of the Accounts Chamber Chairman of the Board "Avtodor" Sergei Kelbahom, said a representative of state-owned companies.

A 1.4 billion rbl., That the Accounts Chamber called unreasonable costs "ATodor "- is the cost of the preparation of the construction site and construction supervision and design supervision, explains a representative of state-owned companies: these costs are included in the consolidated budget calculation, has received a positive opinion Glavgosekspertizy.

The Chamber also reviewed the schedule of payments "Avtodor" "Mostotrest" by agreement - for the 2011-2012 biennium. Construction costs amounted to 11.9 billion rubles., "Mostotrest" invested only 2% of them. "The world practice knows cases of this ratio budget costs and attracted investments (namely, 98% to 2%) in the implementation of public-private partnership projects", - indicates the auditor Maxim Rotmistrov (his words are contained in the report of the Accounting Chamber).

In addition to providing part of the capex "Avtodor" will also pay "Mostotrest" payments that would compensate the investment (total of 16.5 billion rubles. Before 2033) and cover the costs of repairs and maintenance (another 27 billion rubles.). And the forecast revenue from the toll - 34.7 billion rubles, which is 8.8 billion less payments of.udarstva, estimated by the auditors, t. e. the contract terms do not allow for payback of construction as well as maintenance and repair.

In reality, the value of the projected revenues from toll collection on the site, designed by international consulting companies SDG (Steer David Glaves) and of KPMG, 56.3 billion rbl., That is completely (more than 35%) covers all the costs of the operational phase, says representative of the "Avtodor".

Perhaps in the forward-income given by the authors of the report figures were not indexed to inflation, which led to such a significant deviation from the actual calculations, he says.

Vyshny Volochek Bypass construction ahead of schedule, said earlier predpravleniya "Avtodor" Sergei Kelbakh: the site will be handed over to the year earlier period, this fall instead of autumn 2015 all new highway Moscow - St. Petersburg is to be handed over to the World Cup 2018 promised the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov.

As a result of the Accounts Chamber audit made a submission in the "Highways" and the Ministry of Transport, as well as informationmation letter to the Federation Council and the State Duma.

Get prompt comments "Mostotrest" is not possible. The representative of the Ministry of Transport said that the scan results are not familiar.

"Mostotrest" is the main contractor on the new toll highway Moscow - St. Petersburg: "North-West Concession Company" joint venture "Mostotrest" and French Vinci is, building the first section of the route from the 15th to the 58th km worth 66.1 billion rubles. In the past year, "Mostotrest" also received a contract for part of the route with the 334 th to 543 th km of the 144.6 billion rubles. ( "Mostotrest" will invest 16 billion of them). Given the circumvention of the Most High Volochek just obtained 328 km of new toll road and 251 billion rubles.