The authorities of the Crimea asked for 125 billion rubles for road repairs

The authorities of the peninsula are asking the federal center to allocate 125 billion rubles more for the road industry until 2024. This amount is comparable to the already approved expenditures (149 billion rubles) on the federal highway "Tavrida".
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Overhaul and maintenance of roads within the framework of the project of the Concept for the Development of the Crimean Road Network until 2024 will require about 150 billion rubles, a source familiar with the draft concept told RBC. A source close to the government of the Crimea, and an official from the Ministry of Transport confirmed this assessment to RBC.

The amount is comparable to the cost of construction and reconstruction of the "Tavrida" route with a length of 250 km passing through the peninsula - 149.3 billion rubles. (the first stage of the route Kerch - Simferopol should be launched in December) and one and a half times less than the cost of the Crimean bridge, which will cost 228 billion rubles. In the middle of May, a traffic was opened along the highway section of the Crimean bridge for cars and buses, trucks are scheduled to start in the fall.

The State Road Committee of Crimea developed a draft long-term concept for the development of the Crimean roads, which is designed for 2019-2024. But the amount of financing envisaged by this concept has not been disclosed previously. As reported by the press service of the Ministry of Transport on July 25, following the results of the visiting meeting in Crimea under the leadership of the Minister Yevgeny Dietrich, the project assumes that by 2024 83.6% of the regional roads will be brought into the normative state (now 22%) and 50% respectively - 20%). In addition, it is planned to transfer about 1.2 thousand km of the republican roads to the federal property.

According to the interlocutor of RBC, who is familiar with the draft concept, in 2019-2024 the Crimean government will spend on roads about 25 billion rubles, and about 125 billion rubles. should be allocated from the federal budget. "Last year [the head of Crimea], Sergei Aksenov discussed the issue of unfinished routes with President Vladimir Putin. The federal center should help with financing, "said a source close to the Crimean government.

The press service of the Ministry of Finance of RBC reported that the agency is now considering the concept of development of the road network of the Crimea. RBC also sent inquiries to the federal Ministry of Transport and the State Committee for Road Management of the Crimea, but has not yet received replies.

The draft concept also provides for a "conservative scenario," which assumes the use of only republican funding - 25 billion rubles., Says the source of RBC. If this scenario is implemented, "it is not possible to achieve the forecasted values ​​of the target indicators in terms of the share of the length of public roads that meet regulatory requirements," warns the interlocutor of RBC. Performance of road works in the Crimea will be only about 18% of the region's needs, he points out.

A significant part of the Crimean roads still requires a large-scale reconstruction, said RBC member of the expert-consultative council under the head of the republic Igor Ryabov. "These are the roads connecting the district centers of the north of the peninsula, and the secondary roads to the South Shore. The poor quality of roads hinders the quality of agriculture, "he said. According to Ryabov, the Crimean budget will be able to cope with the tasks of reconstruction, but alone it will take dozens of years, so, of course, it is necessary to seek funds in the road fund and in federal targeted road construction programs.

This year, the Crimean road fund amounted to about 2.9 billion rubles. Another 4.5 billion rubles was allocated from the presidential reserve fund to the republic. The total length of the Crimean highways (regional, municipal and local) is 14.9 thousand km, only about 20% is in the normative state. The company "Mosmetrostroy" is considering the possibility of building a tunnel on the peninsula.