The bankruptcy of Jugra Bank is the most expensive in the history of Russia's banking system

The bank's depositors are to be paid 170 billion rubles.
Insurance liability of the Central Bank and DIA on household deposits in the bank "Yugra" is about 170 billion rubles., Said Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vasily Pozdyshev. This is the largest insured event in the history of the Russian banking sector. "Yugra" is in the top 30 in terms of assets and in the top 20 in terms of attracted funds from the population. According to him, if the DIA is needed, it will appeal to the regulator for increasing the loan limit for payments to affected depositors.

"Over the past few months, there are indications that the reporting that the bank provided us is not reliable," said Vasyl Pozdyshev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank. In addition, the bank has signs of a possible withdrawal of assets and possible manipulation of deposits, he said. The bank since April last year is on the restriction of raising the funds of natural persons, nevertheless, it has quite active advertising, but this is not reflected in the balance sheet, Pozdyshev noted.

The bank made individual investors shareholders, giving them one share to avoid this restriction, the deputy chairman said, the scale of this violation is 1.88 billion rubles. "We counted, among other things, this is quite a serious call for the introduction of the interim administration," he said. Other factors in deciding on the introduction of the provisional administration are the technical implementation of the regulator's instructions: the bank reported on the formation of reserves, but at the same time it disbanded the reserves. The Central Bank also found deals with derivative financial instruments, according to which the bank earned a substantial profit, Pozdyshev said, noting that the regulator has reason to believe that this profit is technical.

The representative of the DIA refused to comment on the situation. Oleg Vyugin, the former first deputy chairman of the board of directors of the Safmar Financial Investments holding company, said: "Now the DIA has moved away from the practice of holding a tender for choosing agent banks to pay insurance compensation - more often the agency simply refers to banks that have successfully paid insurance compensation. I think in this case it will be Sberbank and, perhaps, another large bank. Usually the procedure is as follows: the agent bank pays insurance from its own funds, and within three months the DIA compensates the bank for these expenses. Taking into account the amount of deposits in the Yugra bank, and taking into account the procedure for paying out the DIA, it may be possible to agree with the Central Bank on increasing the credit limit In order to replenish the deposit insurance fund. Either the CB can give the bank to the management company and bring "Yugra" in order through the consolidation fund. "

The press service of Sberbank did not respond to the request.