The Bazhaevs bit off a piece of Sardinia

The co-owners of Alliance Group bought holiday resort Forte Village for € 180 million.
Brothers Bazhaevs purchased a luxury tourist resort of Forte Village in the town of Santa Margherita di Pula, Sardinia. This was reported by the Italian edition of La Stampa and Il Sole 24 Ore. Resort 770 rooms and 33 suites the company Progetto Esmeralda Srl acquired for EUR 180 million in three Italian funds managed by IDeA FIMIT, said in a recent report. These three funds owned 50, 27 and 23% shares respectively Forte Village. IDeA FIMIT, in turn, bought the Forte Village in 2007 from Lehman Brothers Bank for 215.7 million euros, like the newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

Brothers Bazhaevs bought a luxury resort in Sardinia:. According to Bloomberg, the revenue Forte Villiage in 2012 amounted to € 75 million for the first time interest in the resort in Sardinia Bazhaevs showed in 2013: a year ago, La Stampa wrote that the Russian businessmen won the auction for the right to operate this resort.

The press service of "Alliance" Holding refused to "comment on rumors." However, the site has information about the resort is that Forte Village is controlled by Progetto Esmeralda SRL Among the administrators of the company - the general director of "Russian platinum" [belongs Bazhaev] Magomed Galaev and Board member Dr.
irektorov group "Alliance" Andrey Sletov.

Progetto Esmeralda Srl belongs to the Luxembourg Sonogest SARL, and she, in turn, - registered in Cyprus Quarmine Limited, from the data registers in Italy and Luxembourg. According to the April 10, 2012, the date of registration of the company, the owner was Quarmine Bazhaev Musa, said in its registration documents of Cyprus Registry. As of February 12, 2013 (the date of the last changes made to the registry), owners Quarmine were two companies registered in the British Virgin Islands, - Alivar Holding Limited and Daminn Capital Limited (50% each). Both appear in the list of affiliated persons of JSC "" Alliance "family Bazhaev Group on September 30, 2014 as belonging to the same group. Get comments Bazhaev failed yesterday; the press service of the "Alliance" yesterday refused to comment.

Bazhaevs - not the first Russians who buy property in Italy in Sardinia in particular. The local newspaper La Nuova Sardegna even introduced a definition of "new kings of the Emerald Coast" for the Russian billionaires. On the island there Rustam Tariq Minerva villa, which heriobrel 10 years ago, the ex-wife of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. According to Italian media, the deal was worth 15 million euros. The Romazzino, where the most expensive and luxurious resorts in Sardinia in 2005 Merloni villa for 35 million euros acquired Alisher Usmanov. At the end of September 2014 the Italian financial police arrested the property Arkady Rotenberg worth $ 30 million, including apartments and villas in the capital Cagliari, Sardinia.