The best friends of diamonds

What is happening in the diamond mining giant "ALROSA".
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In "ALROSA", according to the media, another regular reshuffle is coming. It is possible that three vice-president of the company will leave their posts. The latest news about the holding is generally inspired by the thought that it is now very much shaking. First, the general director was replaced in the corporation, then the Moscow office was searched. There are several versions of what is happening, one of them, for example, is connected with the ex-head of the Ministry of Finance Alexei Kudrin, the other with the clan of Sergei Ivanov.

Scandalous placers

There is a feeling that ALROSA is now doing what according to legend in the 90's the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko was doing with his parliament. Namely: "I'll fuck and I'll fuck and peretrahivat." First, the diamond giant changed direction. Sergei Ivanov, the son of former head of the Kremlin administration Sergei Ivanov, came to the post of the head of the company. Soon the Moscow office was searched by the Federal Security Service. After this high-profile event, dramatic news from the life of the corporation ceased to come. But the calm lasted only a couple of weeks. And now, it becomes known that the company has new personnel perturbations: ostensibly, they are changing at once three vice-presidents.

Sources said that this decision of the new leader. In general, it is quite understandable, the top manager who has come to the company updates the team. But in the compartment with the rest of the messages, it all looks like a global purge in the state corporation, which is conducted by the Ivanov clan. And, in addition, there is a suspicion that there is an attack on the former head of the Ministry of Finance and the current head of the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin. Which of these versions is more like the truth - is yet to be understood.

Diamond beads

ALROSA has always been at the center of various hardware confrontations and the main trophy of these undercover battles. The state-owned company is now run by two curators. The first one is the Finance Ministry (Finance Minister Anton Siluanov heads the supervisory board of the holding), and the second is the presidential envoy to the Far East, Yuri Trutnev. It is believed that both players affect the management of the company and the appointment of its managers. But there is also another "friend" "ALROSA" - the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI). Last year, he privatized 10.9% of the corporation, and at the same time he himself bought the stake in the state-owned company, though he did not disclose the volume. For the sake of interest, let's take a look at the list of leaders of RFPI. The Board of Directors is headed by Sergey Ivanov, whose son recently heads ALROSA itself. Tesen circle, do not say anything.

There is another interesting hardware battle - this is the Republic of Yakutia, which owns a blocking stake in the diamond mining company. But this player now has one goal - to save their shares, saving them from privatization. Local authorities are not particularly considered, as Yakut media have recently written sadly. They drew attention to the fact that, the corporation will transfer from the lordly shoulder to the regional budget only half a percent of the profit. "Diamond pennies for a bunch of aborigines," stated the journalists of the republic, where the main assets of the diamond company are located. The very one that produces a quarter of diamonds in Yakutia in the world.

What does Kudrin have to do with that

However, let us return to the main rivals in the struggle for ALROSA. A brief summary of the previous series. Before Alexei Kudrin was publicly counted and expelled from the government by Dmitry Medvedev, the official was in the country "the main diamond". In the media, you can find a lot of "muddy" stories related to Alexei Leonidovich and the diamond corporation. The loudest of them refers to the rehabilitation of KIT Finance Bank, in which Kudrin could be personally interested, and ALROSA bought this bank shortly before the collapse. No less striking events have always unfolded around the change of leadership of the diamond giant. In 2009, he became Fyodor Andreev, a native of financial structures belonging to Kudrin's classmate Otaru Morgania. Actually, the Minister of Finance once personally invited Andreev to work in ALROSA.

But at one point Yuri Trutnev spoke against the manager. The Far Eastern representative in this fight won by pushing his candidate for the post of head of the diamond company Andrei Zharkov. But he broke into views on the development of the corporation with the Ministry of Finance and eventually voluntarily resigned. Who was interested in the appearance in the "ALROSA" Sergei Ivanov - is not known. But remember that his father, former defense minister and head of the presidential administration, was traditionally considered a prominent representative of the "siloviki" camp. And they, to put it mildly, do not favor their opponents of the "liberals", to whom Alexei Kudrin belongs. Moreover, now there is a particularly strong reason not to like the "reformers", because the ex-minister, who over the years has not lost the trust of the first person of the state, is preparing a new economic program. Who is right, who is to blame for this kind of ideological dispute, it is difficult to say. It seems that both sides are "good". Some people dream about something, like the Soviet system. Others during the years of high oil prices could not really do anything for the Russian economy.

And now let's remember why FSBshniki recently came to ALROSA. They checked the old deals on the sale of non-core assets, which the diamond corporation has conducted since 2011. That is, at a time when the company was headed by Kudrin's protege Fyodor Andreev. He seems to have become a real victim of an official war. It is said that on January 29, 2015 he came to the office of ALROSA and stayed there until the evening. And the next day the manager did not become, he died from "a serious long illness". In general, now you will not ask anything from Andreev, but from his former curator Kudrin, if you want, you can ask very much.

Profit? We are not up to it!

However, the current events can also be explained in another way. A new leadership has come to the big state corporation. It naturally wants to secure itself and have proof, in case of any failures. To all get rid of the sins of former leaders and their "gray cardinals". And at the same time, clear the clearing before another privatization. After sale of 10.9% of ALROSA last year for 52 billion rubles is just the beginning. The company is one of the few remaining lacunae assets that the state will still sell and sell. It is likely that all perturbations were started immediately with several goals, and the consequences are yet to come.

In fact, for most citizens of the country is not so important this bickering. The main thing is that the corporation does not reduce production rates, successfully sells its diamonds and increases profits, part of which goes to the budgets of the country and Yakutia. But with this yet not all is smooth. During the first quarter, when the sharp hardware struggle unfolded, the state-owned company cut its profit by 2 times. And here on behalf of the multinational people, which is the source of power in the country and the beneficiary of state property, I very much want to ask the enthusiastic managers: gentlemen, are we not bothering you? By the way, once the Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at one briefing also asked such a question, at the same time saying his famous two words.