The brother of the ex-owner of Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov was arrested

Sergei Khachaturov, the younger brother of the ex-owner of "Rossgosstrakh" Danil Khachaturov, was arrested. The case against Khachaturov is related to the transactions of OOO RGS Assets concluded before the change of the owner of the company.
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Sergei Khachaturov, the younger brother of the former head of the company Rosgosstrakh Danil Khachaturov, was arrested on April 18, he is charged with embezzlement, it follows from the file of the case in the database of the Lefortovo court of Moscow. A spokeswoman for the Lefortovo court, Ekaterina Krasnova, told RBC that the businessman was arrested before July 16. In the group "Rosgosstrakh" Sergei Khachaturov served as vice-president.

Earlier, the source of RBC, close to Rossgosstrakh, reported that Khachaturov was detained for 72 hours in the criminal case involving the "daughters" of the company before the change of ownership.

The arrest of Sergei Khachaturov was confirmed by RBC Alexei Melnikov, Danila Khachaturov's lawyer. According to him, the choice of arrest at the time of the investigation as a preventive measure for Sergei Khachaturov is "a direct violation of Article 108 of the Code of Criminal Procedure prohibiting the arrest of an entrepreneur on suspicion of violating the law in the framework of entrepreneurial activities." According to him, it is a question of "the desire of a group of persons" to challenge a number of business agreements that were achieved and implemented by OOO RGS Assets, owned by Sergei Khachaturov in 2017.

"The fact that these agreements, implemented, I emphasize, according to the law, today, after almost a year someone does not like from his point of view or ambitions, does not call into question their legitimacy and can lead to challenge the whole transaction," he said. Melnikov RBC. According to Melnikov, the court's decision to choose a preventive measure for Sergei Khachaturov will be appealed, as well as other procedural violations. "The situation is absolutely unacceptable and requires serious investigation," he stressed.

Danil Khachaturov himself in a conversation with RBC said that everything was in order with him. "I'm free, in Moscow, in my office," said the former owner of Rosgosstrakh.

Sergei Khachaturov was vice-president of Rosgosstrakh, as well as the main beneficiary of the CSG Bank - together with his partners through the Cyprus offshores, he controlled almost 75% of its shares.

Danil Khachaturov was a co-owner and president of the Rosgosstrakh group until the summer of 2017. In 2016, the company showed significant financial losses due to declining revenues in its core business - OSAGO. Thus, for the nine months of 2016, its net loss under RAS amounted to 4.3 billion rubles, and for IFRS for the half-year - 8.65 billion rubles.

In the company, losses were explained by an increase in the average payment for compulsory insurance of vehicle owners. In mid-August, 2017, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) approved the sale of Rosgosstrakh's three assets - RGS Holding, RGS Assets and RGSN - to the structures of FC Otkrytie, and at the end of the month the Central Bank announced the reorganization of the "Discovery" "Under the new scheme - through the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCCC).

After the bank "FK Otkryt", which absorbed Rosgosstrakh, was rehabilitated, the new administration of the bank and the management of the insurance company had questions to the previous top management.

In December 2017, Mikhail Zadornov, who was only then to head FC Opening, said that Rosgosstrakh had "theft from top to bottom." He also expressed the opinion that the insurance company was burnt due to the fact that, in spite of its unique position in the market, used a business model that "was never aimed at bringing a legal profit to shareholders."

Khachaturov, responding to Zadornov's accusations, said that the cause of the company's financial collapse was errors in the state regulation of the MTPL market, and not bad management. "Our strength also turned out to be our weakness - the huge size and market share of Rosgosstrakh at the moment when the OSAGO tariff was not enough, began to work against us," he explained. According to him, for 15 years, the company invested "hundreds of billions of rubles" of its personal funds, Rosgosstrakh did not have "a single loan".

In early April, 2018, the Central Bank's deputy chairman Vladimir Chistyukhin said that the new leadership of Rosgosstrakh passed to the law enforcement agencies materials about "suspicious cases" in the company under the previous leadership.

In addition, two days ago, on April 17, the siloviki conducted investigative actions at the central office of the insurance company Rosgosstrakh Zhizn ("RGS-Life"), while representatives of the company said that their visit with the operating activities of the insurer was not connected. "RGS-Life" in December 2016 withdrew from the group "Rosgosstrakh". Alkhas Sangulia, a longtime acquaintance of Danila Khachaturov, became its owner through the structures under his control. The

The former vice-president of the group Sergey Khachaturov is taken into custody
Kommersant, 4/19/2018

As it became known on Thursday, on the eve of the Lefortovo court of Moscow on the petition of the Federal Security Service (FSB) authorized the detention of the brother of the former owner of the Rosgosstrakh group, Danil Khachaturov, Sergei Khachaturov. The former vice-president of the group is suspected of embezzling more than 1 billion rubles. from the company's funds through their withdrawal through the subsidiary structure of OOO RGS assets. The businessman himself does not admit guilt and says that he does not understand the essence of the claims of the siloviki.

Sergei Khachaturov was detained on April 17 in the criminal case on a particularly large embezzlement (Part 4, Article 160 of the Criminal Code), initiated on the same day by the Investigation Department of the FSB. On Wednesday, as part of the investigation, searches were conducted in the office of the company "RGS Life" on the Kadashevskaya Embankment. "The investigative actions carried out today by law enforcement agencies in the central office of RGS Life are not related to the company's operating activities. Representatives of "RGS Life" provide the necessary documentation at the request of law enforcement agencies. The company continues its work in the regular mode, "the company said.

Yesterday Sergei Khachaturov was taken to the Moscow Court of Lefortovo, who, having examined the petition of the investigation, arrested the businessman.

The basis for the investigation was the results of a check conducted after the rehabilitation of the bank "Otkrytie", which last year was acquired by Rosgosstrakh. Earlier, the head of the bank "Opening" and chairman of the board of directors of the insurer Mikhail Zadornov in an interview with "Kommersant" stated that the company "from top to bottom was stealing." He noted that the company "was simply burned by the fact that the model of its business does not correspond to the present day and was never aimed at bringing legal profits to its shareholders." And after the change of the owner of the insurer, the new leadership of Rosgosstrakh through the press service reported that it filed a number of civil suits against legal entities and their managers related to the former beneficiary of the CSG.

According to Kommersant sources, it was at the initiative of Mr. Zadornov that the application for withdrawal of funds from the CSG was sent to law enforcement agencies. During the audit, as sources of Kommersant reported, the fact of withdrawal of more than 1 billion rubles was revealed. through OOO RGS assets.

Sources of Kommersant in the law enforcement agencies note that the company was registered at the address where 36 more companies were registered, which may indicate that the company did not conduct any real economic activity. Moreover, there are no contacts of this company in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

In the court, Sergei Khachaturov did not admit guilt and even stated that he did not understand the essence of the siloviki's claims. He noted that he could not steal the money "RGS assets" - this would mean that he stole them from himself.