The builder "Airplane" will sell up to 45.45% of shares on an IPO on the Moscow stock exchange

The development group "Airplane" will place 45.45% of shares on the Moscow stock exchange. For 50 million extra shares issued by additional issue, it is planned to raise less than 1.25 billion rubles.
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The development company "Airplane" will place shares on the Moscow stock exchange, follows from the decision of the general meeting of shareholders of the company, the results of which are published on Monday, July 30.

The shareholders decided to transform the SC "Airplane" into a public company. In addition, they decided to apply for a listing on the Moscow Stock Exchange and issue 50 million additional ordinary registered uncertificated shares through open subscription. Now the authorized capital of the developer is represented in the form of 60 million 40 shares. Thus, 45.45% of the company's shares will be placed on the exchange.

The nominal value of the action "Aircraft" - 25 rubles. The price for the placement of shares will be established by the Board of Directors "after the expiration of the pre-emptive right to acquire additional additional ordinary shares to be placed and not later than the commencement of the placement of additional ordinary shares."

In June, the press service of the SC "Aircraft" insisted that "the decision on the additional issue is a technical step that is designed to provide additional flexibility in the matter of choosing certain options for financing business growth in the future."

The general director of "Airplane" Igor Yevtushevsky for the first time reported on the possibility of an IPO by a development company in 2016. The last two years the group is reorganizing. For example, in the middle of June "Airplane" was transformed from LLC into JSC. The group also explained that "along with all available financing options, the company is considering the possibility of an IPO in the medium term, subject to favorable market conditions."

SC "Aircraft" was founded in 2012. By the end of 2017, the Group's revenue was 41.872 billion rubles, 47% higher than in 2016, gross profit 6.49 billion rubles, net profit 3.407 billion rubles, net debt 1.048 billion rubles. (3.214 billion rubles at the end of 2016). Last year, the group sold 356 thousand square meters. m of real estate. According to the Unified Information System for Housing, under construction, the group has 662 thousand square meters. m of housing.

According to the Unified Register of Developers, the company in 2017 built 487.8 thousand square meters. m of housing, entering this indicator in the top five largest developers in Russia.