The case against the former head of the Moscow Region Rosreestr recognized as fabricated

Offcials of the Investigative Committee closed the resonant criminal case on bribetaking of Olga Zhdanova in the amount of 1.3 million rubles, finding that the subordinates of General Kolesnikov had fabricated it.
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The criminal case against the former head of the Moscow Region Rosreestra Olga Zhdanova and its subordinate Alexei Akchurina of accepting a bribe of 1.3 million rubles, excited on materials operatives of the Main Directorate of economic security and anti-corruption (GUEBiPK) Ministry of Internal Affairs, is closed. Investigators determined that the case was fabricated by the already known scheme when operatives staged provocation bribes through its agents. The order of carrying out operations against Zhdanova gave General Boris Kolesnikov, but can not bring him to justice.

The case against Zhdanova and Akchurina closed after checking in which investigators are looking into the circumstances of all the high-profile corruption cases filed based on GUEBiPK operatives.

- During the audit found that the evidence giving rise to the initiation of proceedings against Zhdanova and Akchurina, were rigged operatives - told "Izvestia" a source in the UK. - A criminal case has been closed, and the former defendants now have the opportunity in court to recoveroih rights.

The leaders of the operation, according to investigators, were Colonel Sergey Ponomarev, who is now under arrest, and Deputy General GUEBiPK Boris Kolesnikov, who committed suicide on June 16. Stool pigeon, which offered money to officials Rosreestra in exchange for quick registration of rights to real estate and land, called the Ministry of Internal Affairs agent Alexei Kļuškina.

Now, this episode will serve as prosecution investigators GUEBiPK. Total on the case runs 12 operational staff, who are accused of organizing and participating in a criminal association (art. 210 of the Criminal Code), abuse of office (Art. 286 of the Criminal Code) and provocation bribe (Art. 304 of the Criminal Code). With regard Zhdanova and Akchurina, they are recognized as victims in the case.

Olga Zhdanov was appointed acting head of the Russian State Register of management of the Moscow region in early 2013. A few months later with an official in through her colleague Alexei Akchurina she met businessman Alexei Klyushkin. He asked to register their right to property and land in the elite areas of the Moscow region. earlierI read what the official has asked for a bribe itself. Now, investigators believe that Klyushkin first offered her money allegedly for speeding up registration. In the summer of 2013 on Akchurina card at Alfa Bank Klyushkin transferred 1.3 million rubles, after which the official was detained operatives. He was asked to call Zhdanova and to arrange a meeting. The meeting took place in the car. Akchurin handed the woman a package in which there were marked money. After that, it was also detained operatives. Zhdanov was sent to jail, and with Akchurina taken on his own recognizance.

As it turned out, Klyushkin at least since 2002, was an agent of the Ministry of Interior, who under the guise of a businessman entered the environment of different officials and offered them bribes to assist him. Once the civil servant received money, he was detained by police. First Klyushkin acted only in the Saratov region, but then it started to send and on the "operation" at the federal level. It is noteworthy that Zhdanov previously worked in the organs Rosreestra Saratov and only in 2013 it was transferred to the Capital Region.

Lawyers Zhdanova and Akchurina were insufficientus for comments to "Izvestia".

Experts believe that the former defendants in the case have all chances to recover the rights and receive moral compensation.

- If the case is dismissed on exculpatory grounds, in general, all the legal consequences of the criminal case shall be canceled, - told "Izvestia" lawyer Andrew Gromakov. - Simply put, this means that according to the law and Zhdanov, and Akchurin will have exactly the same rights that they enjoyed before the criminal case. Moreover, if they were fired from their jobs in connection with the criminal case, they will be required to recover at the same time it is not necessary to wait for a guilty verdict against the operatives who carried out the collection of bogus evidence.

According to him, the status of victims in the case of provocation bribes they may require moral damages in court. Earlier, a former employee of the Chamber of Accounts Mikhailik Alexander, who recently with Senator Alexander Korovnikov was recognized as a victim in the case GUEBiPK already announced a civil lawsuit against the investigators for their illegal criminal pre-study of 40 million rubles.