The case of Anna Politkovskaya ended in sentencing

Two of the defendants are sentenced for life, the other three — for the the long-term imprisonment.
Yesterday the Moscow City Court had announced the verdict on the murder in October 2006, the observer of the "Novaya Gazeta" Anna Politkovskaya. Life imprisonment organizer of the crime received a Chechen "authority" Lom-Ali and his nephew Gaytukaev Rustam Makhmudov shot at the journalist. The rest of the figures of the case - the brothers Ibragim and Jabrail Makhmudov, followed the victim, as well as a former police officer Sergei Khadzhikurbanov - were from 12 to 20 years in prison.

Announcement of the verdict took no more than half an hour. All the judge listened standing, only the father of the Makhmudov brothers demonstratively sat. Recall that the sentence was preceded by the jury's verdict, found the defendants guilty. The court considered it proved that the summer of 2006, Lom-Ali Gaitukayev received from unidentified customers proposal to organize the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. Help in the organization of surveillance of the journalist has an ex-employee of the Moscow police Dmitry Pavlyuchenko (already sentenced to 11 years). When Gaitukayev arrested on the case of the attempt on the businessman in Ukraine, he is to entrust the organization of the crime to the former operative Sergei Xdzhikurbanovu. Brothers Ibragim, Dzhabrail and Rustam Makhmudov charged surveillance of Ms Politkovskaya, October 7, 2006 the last shot the journalist on a staircase in the entrance of her house.

The court found guilty of the murder of the contract, and Gaitukayev, Khadjikurbanov and Rustam Makhmudov - even in illicit arms trafficking. Rustam Makhmudov, was found guilty in previously committed kidnapping and extortion. As a result, the judge sentenced Paul Melekhin Lom-Ali Gaitukayev and Rustam Makhmudov to life imprisonment in a colony of special regime. Sergey Khadjikurbanov received 20 years in prison of strict regime, Jabrail and Ibragim Makhmudov (the latter, according to the jury, deserved "leniency") - respectively 14 and 12 years. children suit was satisfied journalist Ilya and Vera Politkovskaya compensation: court ordered Gaitukayev to pay them 800 thousand rubles, Khadjikurbanov - 500 thousand, the Makhmudov brothers - 300 thousand lawyers said they would appeal the sentence .....

After the verdict the public prosecutors Maria Semenenko and Boris Loktionov told "Kommersant" in an exclusive interview, what facts clearly testify against the accused. According to prosecutors, examination of the scene of the murder left no doubt that committed murder for hire. Videos seized by investigators from the surveillance cameras installed in the entrance of the house on Lesnaya Street, where she lived a journalist, as well as VTB bank office, revealed that even in the beginning of October 2006 the alleged killer several times came to the house of Mrs. Politkovskaya on the old WHA -2104. At the same time the car is constantly leaving the same man in a baseball cap, which came into the entrance, where Politkovskaya lived. The investigation requested from mobile operators telephone connections at the location of "Lada". Among other room appeared Gabriel Mahmudov. It turned out that a few minutes before the murder, he called back to the subscribers, settled down on the way home, the journalist. After these calls from the VAZ-2104 came a man in a baseball cap. He went inside the house and the journalist was released after a few seconds after the murder.

Detail request calls Jabrail Makhmudov, henceTeli, first established its relationship with Gaitukayev uncle, who was in "Butyrka", and then - the last contact, and all the brothers with Dmitry Pavlyuchenkova.

Due to billing investigators found that after the murder of the "Quartet" is removed in Solnechnogorsk district, to the familiar Gaitukayev Akhmed Isayev, who was the owner of the car. It was confirmed that "four" Isayev identical journalist on duty at the house - it was only one porter and easily recognizable roof rack. Coincided license plate. The experts also found that the fiber cladding car seats match the fibers found inside the pistol with a silencer, left by the killer at the crime scene. In August 2007, he was arrested Isayev, Jabrail and Ibragim Makhmudov. Then we established their relationship with Sergei Khadzhikurbanov. It later emerged that Isayev did not know about the planned crime, and he was released.

Evidence against Khadjikurbanov gave Pavlyuchenkova and wife: according to her, the ex-detective came to visit them in September 2006 and told her husband that "it is necessary to see to the woman in the media, with the Polytkovskoy."

It had not been arrested only Khadjikurbanov and Pavlyuchenko, but also a number of other security forces. However, most of them later released for non-participation in the crime.

The first process (Gaytukaev Pavlyuchenkov and acted on it witnessed) ended with an acquittal verdict of the jury. However, the conviction was overturned. Then, gathering additional evidence, the accusation of complicity in the murder of Ms Politkovskaya presented Pavlyuchenkova, who made a deal with the investigation, and Gaitukayev. Repeat the process ended in a conviction.