The case of the bankruptcy of JSC "Tsimlyansky Wines" began to include creditors

The monitoring procedure for winemakers has begun and will inevitably result in their bankruptcy and the connection of creditors. The main ones are VTB and Sberbank with 74 and 372 million rubles, respectively.
The application for inclusion in the register of creditors of JSC "Tsimlyanskiye Vina" was submitted by VTB and LLC "Tara-Yug" with the requirements of 74 million rubles. and 1 million rubles. respectively. However, the debts of the JSC are much greater, Sberbank alone can declare 372 million rubles in the creditors register, while the Swiss company Roscom AG will add about 90 million rubles. According to the experts' forecast, the observation procedure, opened with regard to "Tsimlyansk wines" last week, will end with the announcement of bankruptcy with the opening of the bankruptcy proceedings.

VTB Bank filed an application with the Arbitration Court of the Rostov Region to include 74 million rubles in the register of creditors of OJSC Tsimlyanskiye Vinya. (this can be learned from the bankruptcy case of JSC in the file of arbitration). This amount includes overdue debt and forfeit under the three loan agreements of 2016. Also in the register was asked the firm "Tara-Yug", which "Tsimlyansk wines" should be about 1 million rubles. However, the debts of the enterprise far exceed these requirements. So, in June, the Moscow Arbitration Court granted the application of the firm Roscom AG (Switzerland) to recover from winemakers 1, 225 million euros (about 90 million rubles at the current rate). "Tsimlyansk wines" could not pay off with the Swiss under commodity supply contracts. In court, the debtor explained the situation with a difficult financial situation.

According to SPARK-Interfax, several more counteragents are also liable for "Tsimlyansk wines" for relatively small amounts. However, more than all others, the register of creditors of the enterprise can "weight" Sberbank: in December last year, he filed an application for bankruptcy of JSC "Tsimlyansky Wines" with a claim of 372 million rubles. , but then withdrew it.

According to the president of the Russian Union of wine growers and winemakers, Leonid Popovich, "Tsimlyansk wines" found themselves in such a situation "for a number of reasons."

"Obviously, the enterprise was not so well managed. His managers did not always have time to react to market changes. Secondly, Tsimlyansk wines had problems with Rosalkogolregulirovanie, which had a negative impact on the work. Also, the situation could be exacerbated by the death of the main owner of the joint-stock company (former deputy of the State Duma Stepan Shorshorov, died in October of last year - "Y-Yug"), - says Leonid Popovich. According to him, during the last two years the owners of "Tsimlyansk wines" tried to sell the enterprise, and talked about it "with several serious investors", however, it was not possible to agree.

According to two sources informed in the industry, "Tsimlyansk wines" have stopped production.

The company's general director, Yevgeny Kuleshov, did not answer calls to "Y-Yug".

The arbitration manager, who wished to remain anonymous, in his conversation expressed the opinion that "it will be a miracle if the open monitoring procedure does not end with the announcement of bankruptcy." "Debts are very large for such an enterprise, there are no sources for their repayment at the expense of their own funds. Potentially, a third-party investor could save the situation, but it makes little sense to pay for the debtor in this situation: if someone wants to become the owner of this asset, he can wait for bids in the bankruptcy proceedings and get it for much less money, "says the source. "Y-South".

Recall that the monitoring procedure at JSC Tsimlyanskiye Vina was introduced last week at the request of the Rostov Champagne Wine Factory. Previously, the bankruptcy of the company was demanded by the Rostov Development Corporation, affiliated with the government of the Rostov region (for details, see "Y-Yug" No. 79 dated May 11).

OJSC Tsimlyansk Wines is one of the largest producers of wines (including sparkling wines) in the Rostov Region. The enterprise is located in Tsimlyansky district, there are also its own vineyards. 51% of the shares belong to Yuliya Shorshorova (the wife of Stepan Shorshorov, the entrepreneur and deputy of the State Duma of the well-known businessman of the Don, who died in October last year). According to SPARK-Interfax, in 2016 (more recent data are not available) Tsimlyansk wines received revenues of 582.1 million rubles. (929.8 million rubles a year earlier). Net profit fell to 3 million rubles. (22.2 million rubles in 2015).