The case of the Magomedov brothers negatively affected the executor of defense orders

The investigation linked the Podolsky Electro-Mechanical Plant with the Magomedovs, and the court arrested his accounts. In the risk zone, there were more than fifty defense contracts, including those for special-purpose missile forces.
Origin source
In April, at the request of investigators from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the accounts of the "Special Installation Department of the Podolsk Electromechanical Plant" (SMU PEMZ) were arrested. This follows from the company's appeal (its copy is from Forbes) to the relevant decision of the Tverskoi District Court of Moscow.

The accounts were arrested in a criminal case against billionaire Ziyavudin Magomedov and his brother Magomed, who are suspected of embezzling 2.5 billion rubles and creating a criminal community.

Not criminals

SMU PEMZ, investigators suggested. According to SPARK, the sister of Magomedov Naida is the beneficiary of SMU. She also owns 70% of the Podolsk Electromechanical Plant (PEMZ), in which the property of the SMU is located.

"Our company does not have a relationship with Magomedov," said Albert Zhukov, SMU general director, for Forbes. According to him, since 2012 SMU belongs to two natural persons who are not affiliated with Magomedovs. SMU and PEMZ now also do not connect anything, except for payments for heat and water (PEMZ owns a boiler house) and a general "PEMZ" in the name, Zhukov asserts.

SMU PEMZ specializes in the manufacture and repair of components for guidance systems for ship armament, anti-aircraft systems, antennas for the Space Forces, the Navy and the Air Force. "We have 100% of orders from the Ministry of Defense," Zhukov said. The package of orders is about 50 state defense contracts, the appeal said. Works are conducted throughout Russia and Baikonur.

Due to the arrest of SMU accounts, Zhukov complains: "Not catastrophically, but [the company] has been shattered." I had to write to the Ministry of Industry, the Prosecutor's Office, the governor of the Moscow region, the general director lists. As a result, investigators in early June, still recalled the arrest, says Zhukov. According to him, most banks have unblocked accounts, only Gazprombank did not react. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs declined to comment, their colleagues from Gazprombank did not respond to the request.

Hundreds of arrests

SMU PEMZ is not the only company. Such companies are not less than thirteen, said the press secretary of the Moscow City Court Ulyana Solopova. In fact, the number is almost an order of magnitude greater and approaches a hundred, says a person familiar with the process.

On Wednesday, the Moscow City Court in the framework of the Magomedov case. The port is part of the Fesco holding, which is controlled by Ziyavudin Magomedov's Sum. "The company and its employees are not involved in the crimes that are incriminated by the Magomedov," says Svetlana Maltseva, a lawyer with Zabeida and partners, representing Fesco. The operation of the port did not affect the arrest, but "puts pressure on the company's business, negatively affects its reputation," Fesco reported.

According to Forbes, in the Magomedov case, the accounts of the United Grain Company were also arrested (49% - from Sumy). OZK and its "daughters" are functioning in a regular way, the representative of the company asserts. She did not confirm the fact of arrest. The arrest of accounts for the activities of the "Sum" group does not affect, the representative of the group said, without specifying how many companies were blocked. In the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (25% of Sumy) declined to comment, the Yakutia Fuel and Energy Company (82% of Sumy) did not respond to the request.