The Central Bank discovered that about 60 billion rubles of retail deposits were withdrawn from Mosoblbank

There were less than 20 billion rubles of deposits on the bank balance, however.   
The central bank in a series of tests revealed in Mosoblbanke scheme, through which the bank depositors' money is taken out of the balance - of individuals about this "Vedomosti" told a person close to the regulator, and two bankers who know it by the Central Bank and the staff familiar with the discussion MOSOBLBANK problems.

A banker familiar with the discussion MOSOBLBANK problems, describes the scheme as follows: Mosoblbank with limited control on the involvement of public funds, continued to attract deposits from individuals, but did not place them in the appropriate accounts, and the conclusions of the balance - to related companies of the Bank. Technically, it is not difficult, he says, the investor makes money, it is a normal contract of deposit, but the bank for its part, the contract terminates in the evening, and the money is transferred to the company's balance sheet. Investor, According to the banker, the money can be reclaimed - he retained the original contract. And on the depositor of the bank's balance sheet is not visible, concludes the banker. Similarly, the scheme described and a person close to the Central Bank.

Mosoblbank not use these schemes and are valid onlyabout under the law, said representative of the bank, no checks or the prosecutor's office of the Central Bank in the bank is not carried out or carried out in recent years.

The treasurer of a small bank disclose the technical details: after the client opens a deposit, the credit order is destroyed, and the data on its contribution to the bank records in the table. This scheme worked in the master bank, he knows large depositors simply did not exist on paper. Bank data on money in the balance do not fall, they can be displayed on third-party accounts in banks of the bank may close the arrears, cash gaps or make a cash sale, he lists the options.

Such schemes are those who live with the Central Bank of the prescription to limit the contributions the head of a small Moscow bank.

This is a rough outline, the lawyer warns of a major bank: the bank which had been the base for wiring funds from one account to another, whether to give investors the appropriate orders - these are the first questions. Such schemes may fall under article of the Criminal Code on fraud: intentional taking money sredsts, deception of confidence, he concludes.

Depositors' funds that had accumulated in MOSOBLBANK for balance, it was about 60 billion rubles., Says a banker familiar with the discussion MOSOBLBANK problems. The same number called another banker and a person close to the Central Bank. On the balance sheet of the bank as of April 1 reflected 19.5 billion rubles. retail deposits, as of January 1 and 2013, and in 2012 the population of money in the bank was about as much. According to bankers familiar with the discussion MOSOBLBANK problems, and a person close to the Central Bank, the regulator decides what to do with the bank - the situation is atypical.

Insurance payments to the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) to depositors MOSOBLBANK (83 th place in terms of assets in the list of "Interfax-CEA") may at times exceed the funds reflected on the balance sheet, as well as all former insurance cases. DIA when assigning payments will be guided not by MOSOBLBANK balance, and contracts in the hands of its investors, said one banker familiar with the discussion of the bank's problems.

The current record for the benefit belongs to Master Bank - 31.2 billion rubles. At the congress of the Association of Russian banks first deputy chairman Alexei Simanovskiythe question about the scheme, which operated in a similar MOSOBLBANK, said that the Central Bank has seen, but these are isolated cases in the market of such schemes. Upon detection of such schemes CB refers to the prosecutor should have the words Simanovskiy. A person close to the Central Bank, said that the regulator about a year ago, appealed to the prosecutor's office to check Mosoblbank.

Representatives of the Central Bank and the Deposit Insurance Agency declined to comment.

This is not the first time that Mosoblbank bypasses requirement of the Central Bank. In December 2011, when the bank has acted to limit the population to raise funds, the bank continued to accept deposits: it gave new investors 10 shares with par value of 1 ruble. Bank representative then claimed that it is a charity event. But experts have noticed that the donation campaign looked like a cover and a scheme allowing elegantly circumvent the ban.