The Central Bank has come up with how to return the government 84 billion rubles of state aid

The Central Bank of Russia will return to the government 84 billion rubles of state aid, dissolved in collapsed banks. The regulator will pour this amount into the new state defense order bank - Promsvyazbank - and transfer it to the state.
The Ministry of Finance came up with how to return the money that was given out by FC Opening and Binbank under the program of additional capitalization through OFZ. The return scheme will be linked to the transfer of Promsvyazbank to the Federal Property Management Agency, said Deputy Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseev. How exactly these two processes will be connected, he did not disclose. This scheme does not require amendments to the budget, said Moiseev: amendments will be made to the law on deposit insurance.

The scheme is almost agreed, the final version of the bill will appear in the near future, he added. "This will be a separate bill, which we hope to introduce for acceleration by amendments to the second reading, we will ask the deputies for some law that is already going fast. In order to start the very procedure of transferring this bank to the treasury as soon as possible. And a separate bill, which will be issued at the first reading and on all procedures, will prescribe the mechanisms of the activity of this bank, "the words of Moiseev quotes Interfax.

Promsvyazbank, on which the Central Bank announced its readjustment in December, will be engaged in servicing the state defense order and large state contracts. It will be headed by Peter Fradkov, the son of the Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service Mikhail Fradkov. Now he heads the Russian Export Center (REC).

The procedure for financial recovery through the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector is also held by FC Opening and Binbank. In 2015, they participated in the program of capitalization through federal loan bonds (OFZ) - the money was transferred by the Ministry of Finance through the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Then "FC Otkrytie" received a subordinated loan of 62.2 billion rubles, Binbank - 17.8 billion. During the rehabilitation, the subordinated instruments of banks, including those received from the DIA, are written off. The Ministry of Finance did not like this. Office expected to return the funds spent on capitalization of FC Opening, Binbank and Genbank (was sanitized in the old scheme) - a total of 84.4 billion rubles.

Due to the return of this amount, the state capitalizes on Promsvyazbank, Reuters reported citing a federal official and state banker. The Central Bank will capitalize the bank for this amount, and the government will remove claims for repayment of funds issued to banks under the supplementalization program through OFZ, Vedomosti was confirmed by a person close to one of the agencies participating in the discussion of the scheme.

By December 25, the first-tier capital of Promsvyazbank was minus 134 billion rubles. due to losses of 208 billion rubles., followed from a report controlled by the bank company PSB Finance S. A. The regulator estimated the demand of Promsvyazbank in the capital of 100-200 billion rubles., It will be capitalized during the I quarter of 2018, the CB promised.

The Ministry of Finance and the DIA are negotiating the return of money spent on the capitalization of rehabilitated banks since last year. "Negotiations with the DIA are continuing, but they have already acquired a more concrete format. We have a method of our possible relationships with them, and a number of necessary amendments to the legislation have already been identified, "Moiseev said in December to Interfax.

Earlier, the departments discussed another scheme for the return of 84 billion rubles to the government. Thus, the government's contribution to the DIA can be replaced with a contribution from the Central Bank, Vedomosti was told by a person close to the Central Bank and confirmed by an interlocutor close to the DIA board of directors.

In the program of additional capitalization under the OFZ program, Promsvyazbank itself participated. In 2015, he received from the DIA 29.9 billion rubles. This subordinated loan was written off on January 15, when the capital of the sanitized bank was reduced to 1 ruble. In total Promsvyazbank had subordinated debts of $ 1.2 billion and 36 billion rubles, according to the bank's statements for the first nine months of 2017. However, not all subordinates were written off: in December, the bank early returned to Vneshekonombank (VEB) a subordinated loan of 725 million rubles . - These funds from VEB took Pervobank, which in 2016 was joined to Promsvyazbank.