The Central Bank limited the right to vote to the founder of the Bank "Avangard"

The bank belongs to the owner of one of the world's largest producers of malt "Avangard-agro" Kirill Minovalov.
The Central Bank limited the owner of the Avangard Bank to Kirill Minovalov the right to vote - the regulator sent this order to him on Wednesday, July 11. The Central Bank posted this message on its website. It follows that Minovalov committed some violations when acquiring 10% or less of the bank's shares: such a deal requires the approval of the Central Bank. Since the day when the Central Bank published information on the prescription on its website, the violator can not vote with a package exceeding 10% of the bank's shares, the law on banks and banking activity says.

Avangard is almost entirely owned by Minovalov, owner of the agroholding Avangard-Agro, which is one of the world's largest producers of malt. Minovalov founded the bank in 1994. He controls 99.27% ​​of the bank's shares through the company Alcor Holding Group, another 0.72% of the shares he owns directly, follows from the list of persons under whose control or significant influence the bank is located (the document is dated 14 May 2018).

In recent years, the share of Minovalov (both direct and indirect) has not changed significantly, but there have been changes in tenths and hundredths of a percent. The company through which he owns the bank, also did not change. But she changed owners in May 2016: "Alcor Holding Group" had previously belonged to a number of legal entities, and since the spring of last year she is fully owned by Minovalov himself. On what acquisition of shares in question, the message of the Central Bank is not specified.

Vedomosti sent questions to the representative of Minovalov, Avangrad Bank, and to the representative of the Central Bank.

"Perhaps the Central Bank considered that the founder is a member of a group of persons, and possession was previously agreed in a single form. The emergence of a group of people requires a reconciliation with the Central Bank. In addition, even if a hundred percent of the percentages of the Minovanova were changed, it still requires a re-agreement with the regulator, since the previous agreement is given for a specific percentage, "Tertychny Agabalyan's partner Ivan Tertychny reflects.

"Avangard" by the results of the first quarter of this year ranks 56th in the Interfax-CEA ranking with assets of 115 billion rubles.