The CEO of Nikita Mikhalkov's diamond factory got lost

Founder and owner of 50% of ChelProm Diamond, Alexander Sintyaev, "safely escaped," says the new management of the company.
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Chelyabinvestbank requires a court to collect from the company's diamond-processing "ChelProm Diamond" (among its owners - the director Nikita Mikhalkov and his son, businessman Albert tanks) more than 134 million rubles. The suit filed in the Arbitration Court of Chelyabinsk Region.

Multi-million dollar debt, according to the company's management, was succeeded in March 2013 - the result of the previous general director and founder of "ChelProm Diamond" Alexander Sintyaeva. He "escaped safely," said "News" the new CEO Alexander Kaplin. He has no connection with the company's founder.

According Kaplin, a loan was taken Sintyaevym to buy diamonds. The key was in the rough handling and advanced, as well as non-residential premises. Comment actions of the former head of the new head of the company refused to "not become personal."

Prior to his appointment to the post of Director General of "ChelProm Diamond" Kaplin more than six months has held technical leadership position in the company, told its representatives.

As explained "Izvestia" in the arbitratorzhnom court of Chelyabinsk region, if the company fails to make payment on the loan, the bank wants to sell the collateral. Cost embedded diamond is 137 million rubles, and non-residential premises -. More than 37 million room offered to put up for public auction, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint of the bank is left with no motion since the plaintiffs have not paid the necessary legal costs, the court clarified.

Diamond processing company "ChelProm Diamond" was created in 2001 Ural businessman Alexander Sintyaevym based Kusinsk diamond processing plant in the Chelyabinsk region. It is practically the only one in the Russian market, the company that produces diamonds of small plansifters. Among the company's customers - the oldest in Russia Jewelry Factory "Russian gems" in St. Petersburg. Also LLC "ChelProm Diamond" belongs to a jewelry store, "Nefertiti" in Chelyabinsk. According to the database SPARK, in 2012 the company's revenue amounted to 461.6 million rubles.

In early 2012, joined to the diamond business director Nikita Mikhalkov, his son - Chairman of Board of DiRectors of the machine-building-industrial group Machinery & Industrial Group NV Albert tanks, as well as a member of the board of directors of the holding company Mikhail Bolotin. Sintyaevu now owns 50% of the charter capital of LLC, Bolotin tanks and have 20%, 10% went to Mikhalkov.

The case is not the first Chelyabinvestbank when lenders "ChelProm Diamond" demanding the return of debts through the courts. Several months ago, ended the trial with the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Federal Computer Center stock and information technology", which required the company to almost 3 million rubles for 2.5 years lease premises. As a result, the parties entered into a settlement agreement.

Kaplin asserts that the bank also planned to sign a settlement agreement, the parties have already discussed it.

- Most likely, it will not be a one-time repayment, we are talking about a debt restructuring - said Kaplin. - The debt will be returned as the sale of finished products, and not from the pledged property.

At the end of July 2013 in JSC "Alrosa" received a letter from the company "ChelProm Diamond" complete rejection of the diamondraw materials supplied under long-term contract. Long-term contract with the company was terminated Chelyabinsk, told "Izvestia", the press service of "Alrosa". However, Ltd. "ChelProm Diamond" retained in the list of clients that are allowed to purchase rough diamonds within the one-off contracts.

First Vice-President of the Association of Russian Diamond Manufacturers Ararat Evoyan recalls that "ChelProm Diamond" was conceived as a truly unique project. The company began to manufacture products exclusively for Russia - the other participants of the market do not do that because of the weak demand. However, the idea failed - and now "ChelProm Diamond" exports of the finished product.

Evoyan notes that the diamond processing industry has not recovered from the crisis, 2008 and is now in decline. And this despite the fact that the professional level of Russian cutters is quite high.

- In Russia, there is practically no lucrative diamond cutting enterprises. At best, the company goes "zero" or have a profit of 1-2%, - says exPerth.

In addition, continuing the first vice-president of professional associations, banks practically do not give loans to representatives of the diamond industry because of the significant risk of default.

- Surprisingly, the bank has given a loan at all "ChelProm Diamond"! What to expect from the bank, which had such problems with finances ?! - Exclaims Evoyan.

According to him, giving money on the security of raw materials, the bank deliberately sought to ruin her.

- It is obvious that this company is not able to pay high interest on the loan, because I never saw significant gains, - the expert believes.

Operational comment could not be obtained from Chelyabinvestbank. Nikita Mikhalkov and Albert tanks could not provide comment.