The charge against the defendant in the "Rosagroleasing case" is softened

The court reclassified the charges against Sergey Burdovsky, the partner of the former head of the Ministry of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik, under a softer article.
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Light sentences can result in Lipetsk process against local agrarian Sergei Burdovsky accused of scams on the theft of 600 million rubles from "Rosagroleasing" holding. The court agreed with his counsel and reclassified the charges to a softer article. Earlier Burdovsky accused on h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud in a large scale in the group"), he made a deal with the investigation, so I could get up to two-thirds of the maximum 10-year prison term. According to the new charges under Art. 159.1 of the Criminal Code ( "Fraud, combined with the deliberate failure to contractual obligations in the field of business"), it is highly likely give only 2 years and 6 months. In addition, the two episodes already expired statute of limitations, so they are generally excluded from the charges. A similar petition filed in court, and the second defendant - Igor Konyahin.

An application to the court for retraining charges for former head Sergei Burdovsky at the trial, his lawyer said Central vodka company.

- The final version of my client were beforerevealed the charges on the hours. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code - told "Izvestia" lawyer Alexei Mamontov. - When we have completed the case file, there is a new art in Russia. 159.1 of the Criminal Code. We decided to ask for retraining already in court.

Calculation Burdovsky lay in the fact that new charges, he could get a shorter period. If Art. 159 of the Criminal Code is a maximum of 10 years, according to the article. 159.1 of the Criminal Code - only 5 years. Burdovsky and the second defendant in the case - former regional operator "Rosagroleasing" in the Lipetsk region, the head of the company "Lipetskagrotehservis" Igor Konyahin - made a deal with the investigation, pleaded guilty, therefore, could expect a more lenient punishment - not more than two-thirds of the maximum term on charges article. Really - for half a term, and even a suspended sentence. Thus, according to the article. 159.1 of the Criminal Code Burdovsky could get only 2.5 years.

The Court took the time to discuss the application of the prosecution lawyer Burdovsky retraining, after which supported him. Now the landowner will be judged by the "economic" paper on fraud. Formally, the jurisdictionimy not complied with the conditions of the transaction with the investigation and did not recognize the court charges in the "conventional" art. 159 of the Criminal Code, so the process will now proceed in the usual manner - with the questioning of witnesses and the examination of evidence. However, it is also to hand the accused.

The fact that the two episodes already expired statute of limitations. One of them is connected with the theft of 265.8 million rubles allocated "Rosagroleasing" in 2007-2008 for the purchase of equipment for a number of distilleries of the Lipetsk region. In another episode says about the fraud around the elevator cost of 331.5 million rubles, which in 2008 was bought by the company "Elevator-service" for the "daughter" of "Rosagroleasing" - "Lipetskagrotehservisa". The last led by Igor Konyahin. According to investigators, expensive equipment was finally put out of state property and transferred to the LLC "AgroTerminalLipetsk", controlled by Sergei Burdovsky. The elevator was resold several times, and "Rosagroleasing" could not get it back until now.

In fact remains a scam with the purchase of the property of "Rosagroleasing" andtavka against lessees of equipment for the dairy farm by 2.8 thous. heads in the amount of 360.4 million rubles. The investigators believe that these transactions were fake - according to the documents of the enterprise equipped with the latest equipment, and in fact all the money plundered.

According to "Izvestia", a similar petition to the court on charges of retraining are now filed and Igor Konyahin. Most likely, it will also be supported.

According to the investigation, together with Konyakhina and Burdovsky to the scam was involved in, and the former head of the agriculture department of the Lipetsk region, Oleg Don. Most of the questionable contracts signed what was then the head of "Rosagroleasing" Elena Skrynnik, who then headed the Ministry of Agriculture. Oleg Don himself is still hiding from the investigation.