The cleared business of the clan of Murov

Billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko belatedly agreed to a deal with the investigation. How does this threaten ex-head of the FCS Belyaninov and ex-FSO head Yevgeny Murov?
In St. Petersburg, the trial of the head of the Forum group, billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko, continues. He expressed his willingness to make a deal. However, the agreement to admit blame at this stage is unlikely to bring benefit to the businessman: bargaining about the softening of the article is possible only at the stage of investigation. But it is possible that he will propose to the court and investigators such information, which really "sweeps" him time. For example, the participation in the deal with the customs of the former head of the FCS, Andrei Belyaninov.

Mikhalchenko is accused of creating an organized crime group for smuggling elite alcohol from Europe: members of the Forum and sommelier Alexei Mishchenko were members of the group. In 2014, the latter bought elite alcohol and sent to Russia, where the cargo due to connections in the FCS should have been cleared by a simplified scheme. According to the documents, it was estimated at 55 thousand dollars, while the real value exceeded $ 1 million.

When the containers were arrested, Mikhalchenko tried to release them, again using communications in the FSB and the traffic police. However, now this is the only thing that a businessman admits - yes, he tried to "bribe", by a non-processual way, "pull out" his containers. There's alcohol for the collection! Interestingly, in the court are waiting for their fate Mikhalchenko and accomplices. And the customs officers who arranged the "green corridor", the FSB officers covering them and other characters in the history, at best, lost their posts. And given their role, this at least may seem unfair ...

Parachute for FSO

One of the most high-profile moments in the Mikhalchenko case was the alleged participation in the scheme of the FCS employees. In 2016, the head of the customs service Andrei Belyaninov and a number of senior officials were searched. Then at home the general found shoe boxes with money - as he explained later, with "family savings".

Mikhalchenko puffs up for "friends"

There was no direct connection between the smuggling case and Belyaninov. Meanwhile, he is connected with Mikhalchenko through another remarkable character - former head of the FSO Evgeny Murov. The businessman controlled almost the entire flow of imports through the North-West Customs Office precisely because he was a man from the "near circle" of the FSO chief. He, in turn, was in friendly relations with the chief customs officer of the country. And now they find confirmation of the version that Murov, in fact, was a "shadow co-owner" of Mikhalchenko's business. Otherwise, how to explain that his family is re-registered property of the billionaire?

On Lyudmila Murova, Eugene's wife, for example, a month ago issued a single medical center - it is almost a monopolist for issuing certificates for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FMS in St. Petersburg. The company's profit last year was 1.3 billion rubles. And, surprisingly, Mikhalchenko had already owned her earlier!

Murov came out of the water with a real treasure

The wife of Evgeni Murov also got half of the former company Mikhalchenko "Storent", and the dacha of the businessman in Ovsyanoe village was re-registered in it. At the same time, the share of the Izmeron plant, which supplies equipment for drilling wells even to Gazprom, was registered for it! And obviously all this happened for a reason.

It's all in the port

But the key is in the other: she received Lyudmila Murova and Phoenix, which completes the Bronka port in St. Petersburg. Its profitability is terrible even to count! And he runs this machine with only one capital of 10 billion rubles ... 22-year-old grandson of Lyudmila and Yevgenia Murov, Nikita. Obviously, in this way the assets want to be saved from confiscation, and possibly, the potential interest to them of raiders. It's just that the rioters are already whispering that the matter was not at all in smuggling, but in the division of the port. Mikhalchenko himself put forward a version that his case was connected with the port. It can be assumed that his arrest was facilitated by Murov.

But we must not lose sight of the fact that the management of the customs was going to transfer to Bronka ... And all the threads lead back to Belyaninov.

Justice rastomozhili

Belyaninov filed a resignation report almost immediately after the searches. However, in the government, even at the time of signing the statement, they stressed that with the case of alcohol smuggling, the decision to change the head of the FCS is not connected in any way. Then very few people believed this. However, the information was confirmed already in 2017, when in late October Belyaninov turned out to be a candidate (and a protégé of Medvedev) for the post of head of the Eurasian Development Bank - an international, by the way, financial institution!

Traces Belyaninova come to the surface?

Indeed, to whom, as not the former head of the FCS, to resolve monetary issues with neighboring countries. In which, as some publications have emphasized, Belyaninova is known and honored. For certain, for a certain kind of merit. And surely he will be able to realize his potential at the new post. Well and a little to fill up shoe boxes, maybe?

The question is, in the end, not only the very fact of the future appointment, but the head of the customs office left at large. He had under his nose the largest scam of smuggling, his own staff deployed a real "green corridor" for customs brokers and cargo carriers of the entire Northwestern Federal District, and what in the end?

As a result, co-owner of the carrier ULS Global Igor Khavronov under arrest, Mikhalchenko and his associates face up to 13 years of imprisonment, revealed, in fact, not one criminal scheme, helped to realize that the employees of the FCS and the FSB ... And they are just walking freely. And with them - Murov, is not known how to receive the assets of the main accused.