The company "Natrbresource" can become a monopolist in the fish market

Head of the Ministry of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev plans to create in Russia one more major player in the fish market, which will be privatized and gradually withdrawn from state ownership.
The Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a draft law on the corporatization of the company Natrbresurs. It can get colossal advantages over other market players. The management of Rosrybolovstvo considers these fears to be unjustified. Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev may be behind the possible redistribution of the market.

FSUE "Natrbresource" is controlled by Rosrybolovstvo, which is headed by Ilya Shestakov. The company owns the Kaliningrad fishing port, coastal port facilities in several regions and 19 vessels. Two more FSUEs are planning to join it, Glavrybzavod, which manages the majority of fish factories and the Central Monitoring and Monitoring Center, which monitors water bioresources, and also monitors the fishing fleet. The company will be able to fish and process it. And this is likely to make it a market monopoly.

The authors of the bill suggest that the new company will be able to attract long-term investments, including for the development of the fleet. In the All-Russian Organization of Fishermen (VARPE) believe that the company will not only conduct fishing activities, but also control it, and this will lead to a violation of competition in the market. In the Union of Fishermen of the North, it is believed that combining functions with a company can lead to a conflict of interests between a commercial organization and the state.

The main competitors in the market will be the Natsribresurs group Norebo Vitaly Orlov, Sakhalin Island ex-senator Alexander Verkhovsky and RRPK (Russian Fishery Company) Gleb Frank, son-in-law of Gennady Timchenko.

It seems Dmitry Patrushev, who before his appointment to the post of minister was the head of state Rosselkhozbank, decided to give battle to private companies. It turns out that whether or not it turns out, it is unknown. Patrushev Bank actually "ruined", it was constantly dated by the state. Patrushev has all the necessary resources to enter the fish market. "Rosselkhozbank" was headed by the deputy ex-head, one can count on preferential loans, the state company itself will get advantages in comparison with others.

However, neither Vitaly Orlov, whose company ranks first in the market, nor Alexander Verkhovsky, who recently acquired the assets of Sakhalin Governor Oleg Kozhemyako, nor Gleb Frank, until recently receiving quotas for fishing and crabs, will simply not give their positions. In Russia, a fish "war" will burst out?

Dmitry Patrushev will untie the fish "war"?

The head of Rosrybolovstvo, Ilya Shestakov, is also Dmitry Patrushev's deputy. And, apparently, he decided to start his game with him in the market, despite the fact that he was suspected of lobbying the interests of the RRPK. Shestakov supported the idea of ​​holding crab auctions, offering to give at least half of the quotas for auctions, thanks to which the state could receive 80 billion rubles.

Most market players opposed the allocation of quotas through auctions, because only large companies could take part in them. Recently, a meeting was held in Dmitry Medvedev, for which representatives of the business community were not invited. It is possible that the decision to hold auctions has already been taken. And in the near future it will be announced.

Dmitry Patrushev, especially if he enlists the support of Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Gordeyev, can try to weaken the positions of the leading players in the market. And, most likely, he will start with his leader Viktor Orlov and his company "Norrebo".

Possible allies and enemies of Patrushev?

Vitaly Orlov has a long-standing conflict with Alexander Tugushev, who accuses his former partner that he stole a third of his company. Tugushev was a member of the CDS, in 2013 he was a candidate to the public council at Rosrybolovstvo, previously was deputy head of the department. That is, Tugushev in the fishing industry is an authoritative person, despite the fact that he was imprisoned for fraud. This was written by the publication "Ruspres". Now his lawyers claim that he really owns a third of the company "Norebo".

Dmitry Patrushev can use this situation for his own purposes. Especially if we recall that Patrushev's father, Nikolai Patrushev, is the head of the Security Council. Perhaps the son will try to use his father's connections to achieve his goal. A third of the company is a lot, there is something to fight for.

Ilya Shestakov will take the side of Patrushev?

The resignation of the head of Rosrybolovstvo Ilya Shestakov was supposed last year, so he and his boss Patrushev could not quarrel with a hand. Shestakov will be on his short leash and follow all the instructions. And here it is no longer a friendly relationship with Gleb Frank. Shestakova's father - Vasily Shestakov - founder and president of the judo club "Yavara-Neva", whose founder is Gennady Timchenko.

Last year, a criminal case was completed regarding the attempt to sell the position of the head of the auction house Rosrybolovstva. Figures of the case of a bribe of $ 7 million were an anti-crisis consultant Eugene Degtyarenko, as well as three scam artists: Mikail Umaev, Fanil Sabiryanov and an American of Belarusian origin, George Hager.

Yury Khokhlov, deputy head of Rosrybolovstvo, could also be among the suspects in organizing this scheme, however he quickly resigned from the "fish" position at his own request. And then he also called all the market participants that they wanted to "substitute" him. If it was not his fault, then why did he leave the department?

In March last year, the head of the Sakhalin "Rosrybolovstva" Alexander Taratenko was arrested. And many then decided that this was the beginning of a large company that could bring Oleg Kozhemyako and Ilya Shestakov to the offices of the governor of Sakhalin.

The situation in the fish market is very interesting now. Alexander Tugushev seems to be well acquainted with Arkady Rotenberg. And in the partners of Alexander Verkhovsky - long-term associates of Roman Abramovich Efim Malkin and Irina Panchenko. So the struggle for the market can flare up serious.

Dmitry Patrushev, probably, starts a new business for himself. Does he have enough ability to resist the "sharks" of the fish market? Or is the competitor capable of "Natrbresource" competing with the same fate as Rosselkhozbank?