The company of Peter Biryukov makes billions in Moscow overhaul

Almost half of the funds allocated for the renovation of houses in the capital are deposited in an organization supervised by the vice-mayor Biryukov.
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SC "Moskapremont" constantly wins tenders for the repair of residential buildings in the capital. However, the society itself does not make repairs - it plays competitions among subcontractors for the right to hold them. At the same time, a company of seven people gets from a third to almost half of the money received under the state contract. And in the near future, a company affiliated with Peter Biryukov can also count on huge revenues from the removal of “renovation” construction waste.

Project cost

On the territory of the State Budgetary Institution “Automobile Roads”, which is subordinated to the metropolitan Department of Housing and Communal Services, supervised by Vice Mayor Peter Biryukov, is Moskapremont JSC. Joint-stock company is the largest general contractor for the overhaul of housing in Moscow. So, only in January - November 2018, it won contracts of more than 1 billion rubles, found the journalists of the "Project".

After receiving the money, "Moskapremont" already he announces the competition. As a result, he gets up to 40% of the funds received from the Moscow budget, and the rest goes to the subcontractor. “For example, in January – November 2018, Moskapremont received contracts for the repair of 38 houses for 973 million rubles. Then all these houses were transferred to subcontractors for 677 million. And 296 million "Moskapremont" left for themselves ", - said in the investigation of the" Project ".

According to the partner of the consulting company "NEO Center" Alexey Efanov, who studied the documentation for several tenders, "Moskapremont" mainly engaged in the development of project documentation, assigning the rest of the work to subcontractors. The expert informed the “Project” publication that at large construction sites the development of project documentation costs no more than 1-2% of the contract amount. However, according to him, “Moskapremont” could keep the “general contracting interest” (expenses on liability insurance, tender procedures, etc.), which is about 4–5% of the contract price.

“The situation when one structure of the Moscow government places an order, the second one wins it and gives it as a subcontractor, leaving itself a percentage, it looks strange,” says Ilya Shumanov, deputy general director of Transparency International. In his opinion, the money of the Fund for the overhaul of apartment buildings in Moscow (FKR), where the Muscovites make mandatory contributions for the repair, is subject to more strict control than the money of an organization indirectly owned by the city administration. “Such a two-stage tendering system creates grounds for possible abuse,” Shumanov is sure.

Interestingly, the company's director Zinaida Yasenkova moves on a Toyota Camry company car worth over 2 million rubles, which in May 2018 ordered Moskapremont for management. Yasenkova used to work as deputy head of the State Budgetary Institution “Highways”, and before that, for two years as head of the Tagansky District Administration.

Garbage prospects

According to the “Project”, JSC “Moskapremont” in the future through its subsidiary company “Technopark” will earn money for the burial of Moscow waste, because the removal of garbage is also supervised by Biryukov. A sorting station is currently being created in the Moscow district of Nekrasovka. The company Road Group, one of the largest contractors of the State Budgetary Institution “Highways”, took part in its creation. In 2017, the company won tenders with GBU worth 1.8 billion rubles.

“Road Group has an interesting relationship with Moscow officials. In 2015, one of the founders of the company, Alexey Eliseev, took the post of deputy head of "Roads". And if a year earlier, Road Group received contracts from Automobile Roads for 264 million rubles, in 2015, it was immediately for 1.9 billion, and Eliseev was personally included on some tender commissions. Now this man has left the state budgetary institution, however, the deputy founder of Road Group, Aleksey Menshov, is working there, ”the Project found out.

The further planned route of the collected garbage lies at the Shies railway station in the Arkhangelsk Region, where the Urban State State Budgetary Institution “Highways” is building a landfill near the village of Urdoma. At the same time, the land plot under the future landfill near Shies is leased by Russian Railways OJSC (RZD OJSC) and subleased by Technopark, which is controlled by the Moscow mayor's office.

It is assumed that the landfill will begin to receive waste from Moscow in 2010, at the height of the renovation program: in the next 15 years, the authorities will have to demolish more than five thousand five-story buildings.