The company that manages the assets of Igor Shuvalov, was co-owner of White Gardens office

Its market value now stands at no less than $600 million.
The sole owner of White Gardens (105 000 sq. m) next to the Belorusskaya metro station was considered to be Millhouse owned by Roman Abramovich. In 2013, it acquired the complex from VTB Capital, Coalco Development belonging to Vasily Anisimov and AIG / Lincoln Fund (the deal was estimated at $700-750 million). Millhouse was the only buyer, said a representative of JLL, the broker for the sale of White Gardens. However, the person who knows it from an employee of Millhouse, argues: in this project, Abramovich will have a "very serious partner." This entity, which is close to Sergey Kotlyarenko, managing assets of VIP customers, in particular the Shuvalov family, said a person close to the business center owners.

According to the register, OOO Millhouse Estate was the owner of 100% of OOO Lesnaya 27 (the owner of the complex), but on January 13, 2014 half of its shares were transferred to ZAO A-Class-Invest. The founder of ZAO is Egor Falileev, General Director is Tatiana Bogomolov. Both are the employees of KSP Legal law office. Chairman of KSP Legal expert council is Kotlyarenko, chairman of KSP Capital's Board of Directors (stands for Kotlyarenko Sergey Pavlovich). In 2014, he told Vedomosti that he was managing the assets of the Shuvalov family.

In the USRLE records on A-Class-Invest, domain email is indicated. OOO Profdir is 100% owned by Kotlyarenko and runs Public Assets and Sova Nedvizhimost companies (both owned by Igor Shuvalov and Olga Shuvalova, first wife of Deputy Prime Minister). The first company is "something like the investment fund", the second ownes the assets, said in 2014 a spokesman for Shuvalov. A-Class-Invest was registered at Public Assets's address.

Longtime partners

Shuvalov met with Abramovich before the civil service. The future deputy prime minister worked in the law firm ALM of Alexander Mamut, where he focused on legal support of Abramovich's affairs, said their friends. Shuvalov himself in 2012 said that he was involved in the legal provision of Sibneft (now Gazprom Neft). Abramovich's spokesman John Mann said then that part of Shuvalov's remuneration was paid in the form of option on shares of the company.

Falileev according to EGRUL is the liquidator of companies MF Investment and KhK Delovoy Tsentr. The founder of the first company is Yevgeny I. Shuvalov (the name of the son of Deputy Prime Minister). The second company owns 10,257 square metersof office space in Moscow Hotel (now Four Seasons Hotel Moscow) on Okhotny Ryad. In 2014, Public Assets planned to buy the company from Suleiman Kerimov, but Kotlyarenko then said that Delovoy Tsentr was returned to the former owner, as this asset was not entirely consistent with the strategy chosen for Shuvalovs' investments. It was then bought by Kotlyarenko himself to be transformed into a mutual fund and its sale to several portfolio investors. Information about mutual fund Moscow Real Estate is currently present at KSP Capital's website. 

The market value of White Gardens today may not be less than $630 million, estimates Managing Director of ILM Andrey Protasov. According to him, today it is one of the best, if not the best premium business center in Moscow.

The law allows the government to own shares and stakes in the authorized capitals of commercial entities; however, it limits the possibility of direct involvement in their activities, recalls partner of the law firm Orient Partners Ilya Fedotov.

KSP Capital as stated on its website, manages several other funds that are not related to Shuvalov. It manages five other funds, four of which are established by the investment company Aktivo (created by the founder Oscar Hartman and co-founder of Financial Consulting Group Vladimir Lupenko).

Millhouse spokesman said the company does not comment on the ownership structure of its assets. Shuvalov's spokesman also declined to comment. Request of Vedomosti to KSP Legal remained unanswered. All attempts to contact Kotlyarenko and Falileev failed.